Various Types of Woodworking Machines and Its Uses

Woodwork is a greatly accepted occupation and a growing industry. Many would always ask, why study woodwork? Primarily, furniture is all around you. You could find it at home, school, restaurants, hotel, and even hospitals. Do you know that in America, furniture and home furnishing stores generated $101.41 billion of sales in 2013? This only shows that it is an industry worth looking into.

In the United States as well, there are universities and colleges offering the woodworking program which is focused on carving, building, and designing objects out of wood. It may be a topic previously taught in secondary schools, but now it has become a part of majors that chiefly shape the career of students.

If you are planning to build a wood shooting house for deer hunting, do you deem yourself capable of doing so? Or are you eyeing for assistance? Basically, the work is not as simple as you think it is. You have to tackle the basics first. Besides the actual activity, you start with the woodworking machines.

Do you know what a Kreg Jib R3 is? Do you know how to use it? If you are not acquainted enough with the mentioned tool, you should begin studying about the following.

This tool is also called the wood surface planer and is popular among workshops. It is utilized to finish flat surfaces of wooden objects while ensuring the shape and thickness consistencies. The planer comes in different capacities which you could select for an activity without extra hassle.

There are planers that are portable, small, or even massive. You could select from tools having a capacity of 10 or 12 inches. On the other hand, you may also use the three-phase heavy-duty planers that could work on 36 inches wide boards.

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Saws and Drills

These tools could be defined as the power equipment, which manufacturers use to create different items. Depending on the type of project, varying types of saws would also be employed. You would notice that heavy and large timber pieces often need large table saws. Alternatively, small developments may only require small handheld jigsaws. Furthermore, for industrial and domestic purposes, you would find workers using circular saw and handheld saber saws.

Chain/ Chisel Mortiser

This is a very crucial tool for woodwork. It is used to drill holes into surfaces of wooden objects. They are usually utilized in cutting slots of rectangles or squares in lumber cuts. Through the use of chisel mortiser, the woodworker enables himself to obtain substantial tenon and mortise joints. The safety of mortisers has been proven by various authorities, specifically in its purpose of assisting industrial factories.

The tool is composed of a spinning head, out feed table, and a movable infeed table. The first part usually consists of knives. The infeed table’s height determines the amount of wood removable from the board’s bottom area when it passes over the spinning knives towards the outfeed table. One of the major uses of the tool is to straighten and flatten the board’s edge to prepare it for table saw passing or gluing. Moreover, jointers are used to flatten the board’s bottom to ensure planer precise transitory.


These machines are helpful in cutting profiles into pieces of timber. To obtain different shapes, cutters of different kinds are fixed onto the tools. Most of the time, high-end shapers are utilized to develop different crown moldings, furniture accents, and ornamental decorations.

These are tools that wood industries and workshops use to finish surfaces. The machines come in different settings and specifications. You could use it to carry out a lot of tasks, such as getting rid of rough casting projections, sharpening cutters, buffing surfaces, cleaning, and polishing. The most common types of grinders utilized are gear type, bench top, and blade grinders.

These tools are also used in woodwork. From the name itself, you could use the tools to carve images or designs onto the wood. There are wood workers who are used to using knives for timber cutting.

These are machines employed to generally cut different complex designs, patterns, or circles in an object. They are convenient and safe to use compared to saws. This is due to the blade system safeguarded in the machine.

There are tools available with chisel add-on, whereas you may also find the tool being sold separately. Chisels are available in various sizes and specifications. Most of the time, you could use it to carve or cut timber. This tool must be sharpened regularly to retain its crispness and sharpness.

Apart from the aforementioned tools and machines, you could find more advanced options for woodwork. It is now quite easier to obtain equipment either for your training or work. If you want to start your woodwork venture, you may begin with a small set of fundamental tools and try designing wooden objects.

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