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How To Use A Router To Cut A Hole In A Counter For A Sink

A router is a fantastic tool that used for many different purposes. A wood router is most commonly used in wood working and carpentry for the purposes of building shelves and cabinets. Routers can also be used for several other purposes, but the most common is for cabinetry. Routers can also be used for many other things including doing something like cutting a hole in your counter top in order to fit a kitchen or bathroom sink into the counter. To be perfectly clear, while a router can be used to cut a hole in a counter for a sink, it is not the ideal tool choice. The ideal choice for this would be a jig saw.

How To Use A Router To Cut A Hole In A Counter For A Sink

The Bit

The first thing you need to know to do this successfully is that you will need the right bit. Your best option to go with is a straight triple fluted bit that is half an inch long. This will ensure that the bit is long enough to cut through the counter without getting jammed or not being long enough. Also this type of bit is ideal for drilling holes or cutting spaces out of wood. If you have a thicker counter you may need a longer router bit.


Something that you need to keep in mind is that gravity is always involved and may work against you, especially in this case. The best thing to do, if you can fit under the counter, is to work from the bottom. You want to cut from the bottom because cutting from the top will inevitably lead you to push down on the counter and the surface of the wood that is being cut out. The gravity pulling down on the piece of wood that you are removing to make the hole may distort the cut you are trying to make and it may also cause the wood to snap and break off instead of being neatly cut. Also if you cut from the bottom then you don’t risk damaging the lamination on the top of the counter as you would if you cut from the top.

The Guide

Using a router means creating a template of where you are going to cut and with a template you will need a guide. You will need to use a piece of wood to make a guide to cut along with the router or else you will most likely no cut straight lines. This guide needs to be firmly secured into place in order to ensure that it doesn’t move while you are cutting the hole. If the guide moves then so will the line on which you are routing along and that will result in uneven lines. The lines need to be even or else the sink will not fit properly.

The Backsplash

One thing to keep in mind is that you may want to cut the hole before attaching the counter in your kitchen because if the counter is already mounted you may not have enough space to fit the router properly to cut the hole. This is because a router is a pretty bulky tool and you may not be able to get close enough to the counter where the backsplash or wall is.

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