Top 5 Oscillating Tool Blades You Should Consider (2018)

Are you looking for a replacement blade for your oscillating tool? Or perhaps you just want to upgrade your current blade collection? This article presents and explains 5 best oscillating tool blades in the market currently. It also gives you a detailed guide on how to pick the best blade for your tool. Read on to find out more.

Oscillating tool blades

Oscillating tools also referred to as multitools, are quite a versatile addition to the power tool market. Any person who has gotten the chance to use this tool will agree that it is one of the most versatile tools for woodworking or DIY use.

For improved efficiency with this tool, users are expected to ensure that their units have the best quality blades suited for the underlying project. The blade is the most important feature of any cutting tool, as this is what determines the quality and accuracy of cuts. It is what determines your ability to handle various projects (cut through different materials). A small mistake with blade selection or poor blade maintenance can ruin your entire project and worst; it can cause irreparable damages as well as cause injuries.

How To Choose The Best Oscillating Tool Blades

To be able to deliver quality work, you have to ensure that you use the right blade for the job. Choosing the best blade is therefore of great importance in this case; and while this is so, selecting a quality oscillating blade isn’t the cheapest thing one can do. If you have been in this situation before, you can relate.

Oscillating blades like most products originate from various manufacturers. In the market today, there are different brands of these blades. Each of these brands differs in quality, type, size and price ranges. Therefore, users are expected to be careful when choosing any particular blade for their Multi-tool.

Having just a few basic ideas can simplify the process of choosing an oscillating blade. More specifically, there are five important factors that you need to take into account; to ensure that you pick what’s best for your needs. Find them below.

1. Compatibility

2. Design

3. Use

4. Teeth configuration

5. Material

6. Cost

Top 5 Oscillating Tool Blades

As explained above, it can be rather difficult for you to choose an ideal tool blade that suits your needs given that you will come across different brands in the market. Here are reviews of some of the top brands that you need to consider;

1. Platinum Blades QFM187 Oscillating Multi-tool Blade Bundle

The Platinum blades QFM187 is regarded by many users as one of the best to go for. Manufactured using sturdy and high quality materials that enhance superior wear and durability. Also compatible with various accessories that can be used in carrying out different applications.

Comes with a kit that contains 5 teeth saw blades, 5 wood/soft metal saw blades, 2 semi-circular blades and 3 bi-metal saw blades. Made of thick gauge metals and universal arbor that allows for multiple position settings that enhance slip-free operation when using the blades at varying angles.


  • Excellent performance.
  • Comparatively durable.
  • Manufactured using special technique for excellent wear tolerance.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • High compatibility with different accessories.
  • Easy and safe to operate.


  • An extra adapter is needed for efficient operation with some oscillating tools.
  • Incompatible with some quick release tools.

The durability of these blades comes from the fact that they are manufactured using unique technology and thick gauge metals. Thus, if you are looking for a relatively durable oscillating tool blade, especially for construction tasks then go for this particular option.

2. 10 piece Bi-metal Precision Pack Oscillating Multi-tool blade

These blades are manufactured using special technique guaranteeing their durability and resistance to wear out easily. They come in a pack of 10 blades that can be used in carrying out different applications ranging from plumbing, sanding, demolitions, soft metal cutting and remodeling among others.

They also have slip-free operation, which implies that they can be tilted to a specific blade angles without difficulty through the universal arbor that allows for multiple position settings. These blades are also manufactured using thick blades, explaining the reason why they are hard-wearing. The blades are also compatible with a number of oscillating multi-tools available in the market.


  • High compatibility with multiples oscillating tools.
  • Relatively affordable
  • High versatility.
  • Easy to fix on an oscillating tool.
  • Great durability.
  • Easy and safe to operate.


  • Fit loosely in some oscillating tools.

If you are looking for blade kit that offers great versatility and can be used in varied oscillating tools then the 10 piece Bi-metal Precision Pack Oscillating Multi-tool blade is the ultimate choice you need to go for.

3. Lupan 6 pcs Oscillating Multi-tool Saw Blade Set

This blade set is made of hardy metals including stainless steel and high carbon steel. The set provides great results when used on plastic and wood. The manufacturing of the blades incorporates high quality technique that warrants great durability and superior wear tolerance. This is also as a result of the fact that they are made using thick gauge metals.

The set contains six pieces of different blades that makes it possible for you to use in cutting different types of materials including plastic, wood and soft metal among others. Designed with in-depth markers that enhance accuracy and speed when it comes to making cuts. The blades also fit into a considerable number of universal machines.


  • Hard-wearing.
  • Provides multiple choices for different cuttings
  • High quality.
  • High speed and accuracy when cutting
  • Compatible with multiple universal oscillating machines.
  • Cost effective.


  • Only effective in cutting wood.
  • Only ideal for light duty projects.

When you choose to purchase these blades, you can be certain of getting value for your money. They present a decent quality and can last for relatively longer provided you are using them effectively.

4. Imperial Blades IBOAT360-5 Universal Fitment

These blades have an enhanced coating with titanium that gives them up to 30% longevity since it improves cutting speed and wear resistance. They are made of Carbide teeth that provides excellent performance when it comes to cutting various surfaces including metals, PVC, tiles, wood and hardened screws among others.

It fits well into great number of universal machines hence making it easy for you to use them in a wide range of brands. This blade set comes in a pack of 5 blades, which is essential because it gives you flexibility while working on various applications. The fact that they are made from leading industry titanium metal implies that they can resist wearing and cut hard surfaces without difficulty.


  • High quality given that they are manufactured from industry leading titanium.
  • Compatible with multiple universal oscillating machines.
  • Longer life, 30x more than bi-metal blades.
  • High performance.
  • Effective in cutting different materials.


  • Relatively expensive.

If you are a craftsman that performs a wide range of projects, then this is the suitable tool that you need to purchase. It is strong, sharp and fits well in different brands of oscillating tools.

5. Saw Blade for Metal and Wood, 10pc Set Multi-tool Oscillating Blades

This set of cutting blades manufactured by Lupan, provides great quality and comes in pieces of 10 saw blades including a Japanese tooth and standard tooth. The 10 pieces of saw blades ensure that a you get variety of options when it comes to cutting different materials and performing other applications. The blades are designed with in-depth marker that allows for measuring the right cutting dimension, which helps in attaining accuracy.

They are made of strong metals such as high carbon steel and stainless steel that play great role in the durability and strength of these blades when cutting wood and soft metals. These blades are also safe to use and compatible with several oscillating multi tool machines available in the market.


  • Sharp, strong and durable.
  • Enhances accuracy when cutting.
  • 100% risk free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Come in 10 pieces increasing great selection for cutting different surfaces.
  • High quality blades.
  • Fit well in multiple universal oscillating machines.
  • Comparatively affordable.


  • Cannot cut metals effectively.

This set offers great value for its price. With right usage and great maintenance, an extended life is guaranteed while using these blades hence ideal choice.

Safety Tips and Maintenance

This is a very important segment for both first time users and the experienced ones too. It is a section that will help you learn how to handle and care for your tool blades, the oscillating tool blade being a part of it.

All things considered, as with all power tools and industrial equipment, it is impossibly critical to dependably be wary. Indeed, even the most experienced skilled workers can lose a finger on the off chance that he is not so much focused and dedicated to the job needing to be done. The below are tips that will enhance your cutting projects and your ability to care for your tool blades efficiently. To put it plainly, love your tools and their blades, use them cautiously, and let them allow you complete projects with the touch of professional craftsmanship.

Here are the tips;

  • You have to use the right blade at all times. This may sound too cliché at this point, but until your blade dies too young you won’t realize the importance of using each and every tool blade properly.
  • You have to protect your blades from damage.  Most blades get damaged and die too young due to excess heat and pressure. Poor cutting techniques can prompt untimely wear and poor blade performance.  Although you are not supposed to apply too much pressure on your blades, don’t allow them to remain in one place for a really long time; you can employ broad motions when cutting to reduce regulate heat buildup.
  • In addition to the above point, you ought to keep your cutting path free from dust and chips. This will help reduce the collection of debris on the blade which can disrupt your work and can also be dangerous to you. To do this, you should occasionally rock the blade as you continue to cut. This movement will push the debris way from the blade keeping it cooler, as well. If you are making longer cuts, utilize long strokes and steadily develop your cut-profundity. Doing this will help to evenly distribute the heat produced as well as reduce dust and chip buildup.           Keep in mind that the lesser the heat and pressure your blades are exposed to, the longer they will last. You can also apply oil or any recommended lubricant to keep all parts moving and to avoid corrosion.
  • Know when to replace your blades. A blade that needs replacements is one that discolored, has bent or dull teeth, is slow and gives quite sloppy cuts, one that smokes or sparkles when making cuts and one that produces too much heat when in use. Be cautious with such blades; actually, do not use any blade that continually shows these signs as it are not just bad for your projects, but also for your tool and more seriously, your safety.
  • Some blades are known to produce too much noise and vibration which can set a few parts marginally off at one point. While this might not be controllable in some cases, it is important to ensure that you align your blades accordingly with the tool. This will help reduce the noise, vibrations as well as help keep you and your project safe.


If you are interested to purchase the best oscillating tool blades, you will find ample choices to choose from; our review above is evidence enough. These blades are available in a wide variety of different brands, shapes, sizes and varied qualities. You need to decide for what reason you need to purchase the blade and also consider your budget; I hope this post helps you do that.

Well, this is where it ends; you can share your views and thoughts in the comment section below. Plus, don’t hesitate to share the article with friends and family…non-friends too might find it helpful.

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