Review of Best Folding Saw On The Market Today 2018

A folding saw is a tool that each and every DIY lover should have or anticipate to have in their tool kit. If you must know, the benefits and uses that can be derived from a folding saw are astounding. That aside, choosing the just mentioned tool is not complicated like many other hand tools. It is even easier with articles like this one that expansively guides you through the most important aspects, tips on choosing and reviews of the better options available.

To learn more about this tool and some of its best models in the market, read this article to the last full stop.

About a Folding Saw

While there are many portable cutting tools in the market, folding saws are the more affordable, portable and convenient option for less intensive cutting requirements. A folding saw provides you with a certain level of versatility and flexibility that every home improvement enthusiast needs.

For instance, with a folding saw, you can easily clear pathways to the garden, backyard or farm. You can also cut thin and smaller wood pieces to required sizes for DIY projects. You can as well use the saw to prune your trees whenever the needs arise. So you see, unlike traditional saws, a folding saw does not limit you to space, position or single use.

Benefits of Folding Saw

From the name itself, folding saws are a cheaper and better alternative for woodworkers looking for a reliable solution to the larger and more expensive cutting tools. A folding saw is a good option in every aspect only that it cannot handle most of the work conventional cuttings tools can handle. If you have already had a chance of using a folding saw, you will confess that these tools have very many comprehensible benefits.

However, if you are yet to try this tool out; here is a sneak peak at some of the benefits you get to enjoy as a woodworker with a folding saw in his tool kit.

  • Portability; you can’t compare the portability of a folding saw to any other cutting tool except for the pocket knife. This saw can be carried in a backpack without much struggle. Storage is also easy and convenient due to its compact size and design.
  • Versatility; talk of versatility, a folding saw provides you witha broad range of use in a variety of applications. A folding saw can be used for gardening, tree trimming, and even clearing trails. On that note, it cuts through wood and even plastic materials like pipes.
  • Safety; folding saws are a safer option for wood cutting. The lack of throwing when cutting makes it safe to use in most environments.
  • Affordable; you can get a quality, and efficient folding saw for less than $10. How cheap is that?
  • Light and compact, therefore a great tool to use when you are on the move.

How To Choose The Best Quality Folding Saw

Not every craftsman’s needs are alike, and expectedly, not all folding saws are equal. In this article, you will learn how folding saws have major differences in quality, design, price and features and how all these differences matter to you as the user. Depending on the type of folding saw you prefer and your intended use, the best quality folding saw for you will vary accordingly.

Here are some tips to guide you when choosing the ultimate folding saw for you;

The blade



5 Of The Top Rated Folding Saws In The Market

Below is a list of 5 of the top rated folding hand saws carefully chosen based on their most notable features, price range, user liking and overall performance? Read on to find some of the top folding saws together with their strengths and weaknesses.

1. Silky Professional Series BIGBOY 2000 Folding saw

While SILKY is known to be a top rated brand, its BIGBOY folding saw collection is one that leaves every user in awe. A good example is this Silky Pro series BIGBOY 2000 folding hand saw; although big, this saw showcases an incredibly high level of performance with abilities to cut through both green and dead hard word with utmost ease, precision, efficiency, and speed.

Features and benefits of the product

  • Exceptional design – the first look at this folding saw unveils a beautiful SILKY design with a yellow none slip two-hand rubber handle, a large and wide curved blade and a well-configured teeth arrangement. Its overall design and configuration make the saw an excellent tool for every outdoor worker that is looking for high-end quality, efficiency, strength, and durability.
  • Has a fast cutting action – this is evident from the SILKY MIARI-ME tooth technology utilized in this saw. Together with the curved, wide blade, the saw is equipped with the ability and power to cut deeper and faster through large logs.
  • Provides for a smooth and secure grip – this BIGBOY saw features a rubber handle that is slip resistant, and you can grip on smoothly and securely. Importantly, the handle is big enough to accommodate two hands which make it easier and safe to cut through logs.
  • Has a secure locking mechanism – with such a long and sharp blade, it is needful that it has a safe and robust lock to avoid any injuries when not in use.
  • Not limited to small operations – unlike most folding saws that are limited to work through smaller logs, this BIGBOY 2000 is not just big enough but has comparable features to a chainsaw that can cut through large chunks of wood with ease.
  • Versatile – it is designed for both professionals and armatures to use in various applications like pruning, trimming wood and woodwork constructions.

Drawbacks of the product

  • The big design and long blade seems to be a turn off for most customers
  • It is highly priced compared to most folding blades

Although the price is quite high, this folding saw is the best you can get today regarding quality and performance.


The Ever Saw folding saw is an all-purpose saw that can be used to complete any task. It comes through as a tough saw best suited for the all rounded user with extremely high expectations on a folding saw.

Features and benefits of the product

  • Adjustable – this saw is easy to use in any type of setting/application. With an adjustable bolt for the blade, you can easily and quickly adjust the blade based on how tight or lose you want it. The presence of the bolt also makes it easy for you to remove or replace the blade whenever there is need.
  • Versatile and convenient – the Ever Saw folding hand saw is one hand tool that you will need for any expedition. The length and shape of the blade make it useful and convenient in most fronts. The blade is long enough to cut up to 4 inches deep in any wood whether dead or green. And although the blade is long, the size of the saw is small enough making it manageable for users to work with consistently even in the most difficult operations.
  • Easy and smooth cutting – the long blade of this Ever Saw unveils fine teeth that cuts through materials as you pull it. With the blade also being coated and teeth unexposed, cutting wood using this tool gives you very smooth and precise cuts for your constructions.
  • Excellent locking mechanism – with an ergonomic rubber handle, you can grip onto this saw firmly and still feel the comfort all the way through operations. Also with the handle is a locking mechanism that securely locks the blade so that it doesn’t fold back onto you.

Drawbacks of the saw

  • A few customers have reported problems with the locking system snapping or refusing to close.

It is evident that this Ever Saw folding saw is a great multipurpose tool for any craftsman looking for a cheaper but good quality hand held cutting tool.

3. Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw

The Bahco 396-LAP is a conventional folding saw that is general purpose which means that it can be used in almost any application. Its 8.0 inch blade and sharp teeth make this infamous tool ideal for cutting through both dead and green wood. It can also cut through plastic materials and bone without much strain

Features and benefits of the product

  • Excellent folding blade – the 8 inch blade featured in this saw is large and has sharp teeth that can chew through any material weather wet or dry. Still on the blade, Bahco provides a chromium coating for the blades making them protective again rust and also reduces the amount of friction experienced when cutting through materials. All this factors adds to the longevity of the blade as well as improves on its efficiency.
  • Easy grip handle – this is a feature that every user looks out for in a tool, Bahco made sure to give this particular folding saw model a plastic handle that can provide you with the perfect grip throughout.
  • Compact and lightweight – this is because this saw weighs only 7 ounces making it a super light tool that can be carried easily to and from excursions. Additionally. It does not take up much storage space.
  • Safety assured – there is a safety lock that ensures the blade is securely tucked away and won’t fold back causing unexpected accidents.

Drawbacks of the product

  • The blade is way too thin than the handle therefore tends to feel lose and wobble when folded.

Bottom line, this Bahco folding saw is a relatively powerful cutting tool that comes at a cheaper price and in a small size. This saw is the best possible alternative to users with much enthusiasm on outdoor activities as well as light woodworking and construction needs.

4. Corona RS 7265D folding saw

For our fourth item in this list of best 5 folding saws, this Corona RS folding saw is simple and efficient is all fronts. This saw seems to have won the hearts of many with many customers stating that it works better or close to most high end models.

Features and benefits of the product

  • Easy grip – the Corona RS 7265D boasts of an ergonomic rubber handle that you can hold onto for longer hours without experiencing any discomfort. It gives the most stable, and comfortable hold for operations.
  • There is a reduced friction during operations – wonder why? The reduced friction is as a result of the carbon based blades that glides easily through any material without putting strain on you. This improves the efficiency and performance of the tool.
  • Provides for smooth and flexible cutting – the 10 inch long chrome plated blades makes it an excellent choice for smooth cutting. It works best as a pruning, wood working and general household cutting tool.
  • Compact and lightweight–with all the above mentioned features, this folding saw weighs just 1.15 pounds making it easy super light for on the go operations. It is also compactly designed to fit even in the smallest of places.

Drawbacks of the product

Based on customer experiences;

  • The blade tends to rattle in the holder
  • It is limited on size of wood
  • The latch mechanism seems to be problematic

If you are the type of user that is mostly concerned with your garden how it looks and everything, then this particular saw is tailor made for you. It is not just affordable but efficient as far as performance is concerned.

5. TABOR TOOLS T-6 Folding Saw

This TABOR TOOL is an excellent tool for professional cutting needs especially gardening and constructions. The tool allows you to cut through both small and medium branches with ease and precision.

Although small and lightweight, this folding saw features a self-effacing locking system, an improved none slip handle and a sharp 7.5 inch razor tooth blade all which are designed to provide you with a smooth, consistent and comfortable cutting experience.

Features and benefits of the product

  • Efficient cutting and pruning – being an all-purpose tool, this saw by TABOR allows you to prune leaves in your garden, trim branches as well as cut wood for constructions. Features like the sharp blade, nonslip handle and razor teeth make the saw perform efficiency in all its functions.
  • Sturdy yet lightweight – apart from the size and weight, the other features that make this saw super light but still sturdy enough to work as advertised include; an easy close and open lock mechanism that allows you to lock in the blade when not in use therefore making it super portable. Additionally, there is an on-slip handle that provides you with a firm grip when working.
  • Keeps you protected – the handle of this TABOR T-6 model functions both as a scabbard and health which allows you to safely and conveniently store and transport the saw..

Drawbacks of the product

Based on user complaints,

  • The locking mechanism seems to be weak
  • The grip is not as comfortable as many would like it to be
  • Construction quality has very little to be desired

The Tabor Tool T-6 folding saw is one of the best hand held and portable saws out there. It is a convenient tool and can be used on all types of applications whether it high level type of work or domestic home improvement. However, if you can cough a few more shillings, then you should probably invest in a better quality grand or model.

The Best Among The 5

Just like we mentioned above, all the 5 products reviewed above have been carefully chosen based on various factors. As it is seen from the reviews, we have covered the features, pros and cons of each product so that you can weigh them based on their various strengths and weakness to determine which product will work best for you.

On that note however, based on our findings, we have come to the conclusion that the SILKY professional series BIGBOY 2000 beats them all as the best quality folding saw in the market. Not only is this saw proven to be of extremely good quality, but its reviews and ratings online also speak volumes on what many think of its general capabilities.

The SILKY BIGBOY 2000 has a super-fast cutting action, easy secure grip, superb lock system and is also versatile and flexible. Although most may argue that it is a high end model, we argue that not all high end models perform as expected like this folding saw from SILKY does. If you can spare about $60 for this saw, then be sure that you are investing on quality, durability and grander performance.

The other models like the Ever Saw folding saw which comes in second and the Bahco 396-LAP lapfinder folding saw in third place, are models that are also well designed for quality and durability. They also provide users a value for their money as their performance is also not that bad.


With all said, it is important to note that there is always a saw for everyone out there regardless of cutting requirements. All you need to do is follow the guidelines provided in this article and also consider your personal needs and preferences to identify the best folding saw for you.

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