Review Of The Best Cordless Oscillating Tool In The Market (2018)

Are you looking for the best cordless oscillating tool? You landed at the right place.

The power tool industry has recorded tremendous growth in recent times. This growth is attributed to a variety of elements, one of them being the invention of oscillating tools. Different people ranging from contractors, carpenters and DIY enthusiasts are finding this versatile tool quite essential in carrying out different kinds of tasks that include grinding, cutting and sanding in areas where working space is limited.

This article, therefore, helps you to understand Oscillating tools in-depth as well as provides you with information that will guide you in choosing the best this tool.

Why An Oscillating Tool Is Essential

For most DIYers, carrying out home projects that require remodeling tends to be quite daunting. To make the experience relatively easy and convenient, a multitool like an oscillating tool can be of great help. Some tasks do not necessarily call for expertise as long as you have the right tools to use hence can assist you in saving a significant amount of money and time.


Another reason why you need to have this tool is that it makes work relatively fast compared to when using other simple tools. They can be used as better alternatives for sawing, sanding, making large holes, cutting off nails and cutting and trimming new floors. In other words, there is a considerable number of activities that you can do using this particular tool making it a necessary acquisition for DIY enthusiasts.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Ideal Cordless Oscillating Tool

Finding a suitable oscillating multi tool in the market today is vital.

​Since the invention of cordless oscillating multi tools, the market has become flooded with various models of these units from different manufacturers. The different sizes, types and price ranges make it the purchase a little confusing for most users in need of this tool. It gets more complicated when you are a beginner, are looking to upgrade or just replace your existing model.

Nevertheless, it is vital to understand that there are specific elements that you need to consider when in the market for the best oscillating tool. Reviewing these factors will ease the pressure and confusion that’s always most buyers undergo when purchasing such tools.

Some of the factors that you need to consider include the following;​

1. Performance

2. Compatibility with accessories

3. Ergonomics

4. Noise level

5. Price

6. Usability

7. Warranty

Top 5 highly regarded cordless oscillating tools

As described in this post, the market is currently flooded with different models of cordless oscillating tools. All these vary when it comes to performance, cost among a myriad of elements. Be that as it may, you need to ensure that you keenly observe our reviews of the top 5 rated tools. This should serve as a guide to making the right choice regarding cordless oscillating tools.

1. DEWALT DCS355D1 20V XR Lithium-Ion Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

This machine comes as a kit in an attractive soft contractor style bag. The DEWALT DCS355D1 also comes with 28 accessory pieces as well as a storage box that has all sanding and cutting attachment hence suitable for those who do not have any multi-tool in their workshop.

The versatility of this tool makes it an ideal choice to have since it becomes handy in handling a broad range of remodeling projects. The brushless motor in this tool provides relatively more run time, and the accessory system makes it possible for the changing of blades and other attachments comparatively fast without wrenches.

The other outstanding feature of this tool is that the universal accessory adaptor it comes with can be used in some oscillating tool accessory brand and also comes with a contractor bag for carrying all the components safely and conveniently, a 2.0 Ah battery as well as the charger.


  • Small grip hence fits the hand perfectly.
  • Moderately priced for the features and performance.
  • Provides efficiency when working with it.
  • Comes with 28 accessories making it easy for you to have a one-stop tool kit in your workshop.


  • Very noisy when in operation.

These unit provides great user experience. It generally an ideal choice for both novices and experts.

2. Makita XMT03Z 18V Multi-Tool, Tool Only

This Makita brand is one of the most reliable cordless oscillating tools that deliver high speed and power without the cord. It has high and improved performance characterized by lower noise and reduced vibration. As a part of Makita’s expanding 18V Lithium-Ion series, powered by Lithium-Ion battery, this tool stands out as one of the best for scraping, cutting, sanding and grout removal among many more tasks. The battery’s charging speed is fast and delivers up to about 20 minutes of run time.

This machine also has a variable speed control dial and soft start feature for better control during application. The XMT03Z is designed with a small diameter barrel grip for better handling and compatible adapters that would fit most of the accessories available in the market.


  • Highly versatile.
  • Relatively durable given that it is manufactured using hardy materials.
  • High power and speed.
  • The battery provides up to 20 minutes run time.
  • Relatively affordable.
  • Easy to operate and control.
  • Convenient in using with the lock on-button.


  • Comes with no accessories.
  • Front lever may hinder deep cutting.

If you already have extra accessories and a kit, then the Makita XMT03Z may be an essential addition to your workshop.

3. PORTER CABLE PCC710B 20-volt MAX Lithium Bare Oscillating Tool, 20-Piece

This cordless oscillating multi tool comes with convenient storage box, 20 accessories and a LED work light providing better visibility and suitable for those working in dark spaces or rooms that do not have sufficient light. The variable speed dial feature provides adequate control of the machine when used in performing different projects.

Ergonomically conducive given that it has 3 positions over mold grip that helps in improving grip and comfort especially when vibrating. This tool also has a 2 finger tool-free system that allows first time users to alternate accessories and also understands various ways that can be used in operating this particular machine.

The variable speed range of between 8000 to 18000 OPM is also another epic feature that makes this tool an ideal one to have in the workshop. In addition, the price is also affordable and what you get is worth the money spent considering the number of extra accessories that you get when obtaining it.


  • Effective for quick light duty tasks.
  • Relatively inexpensive but comes with extra vital accessories.
  • Can be used effectively even in dark spaces.
  • Easy to operate and control especially for first time users.
  • Comes with 20 accessories as well as a storage box.


  • Cannot withstand heavy duty tasks
  • Comes without a battery and charger.

It is the best cordless oscillatory tool to consider acquiring especially if you are a first time user working with relatively low budget.

4. Bosch MXH180 Brushless Oscillating Multi-tool

This tool offers great speed, power and run time performance without a cord. An outstanding feature of this tool is the tool-free change lever that makes it possible for the operator to easily change the accessories accordingly. This machine also utilizes the integrated electronics and improved batteries as well as brushless motor technology powered by Bosch that increases fast, hard and smart performance.

This Bosch model oscillating tool has a variable speed of between 8,000 to 20,000 OPM hence provides efficient and desirable results when it comes to sanding, scrapping and grinding of different various material surfaces’.

It is also manufactured using hardy materials that allow this machine to withstand even the harshest conditions when used in carrying out various applications. The ergonomic is also suitable and designed to fit hands appropriately and reducing vibration when operating it.


  • An ideal range of variable speed.
  • Comparatively compact and light in weight.
  • Comes with a quick accessory change.
  • Relatively powerful and efficient.
  • Comes with an exact-fit tool tray.


  • Comes without a battery and charger.
  • Lacks LED light.

If you are looking for additional power and efficiency, then this Bosch MXH180 should be your ideal choice. It is thus suitable for users who are in need of accomplishing relatively heavy tasks but at the same time willing to spend extra dollars in buying battery and charger.

5. DEWALT DCS355B 20V XR Oscillating Multi-Tool

This another cordless oscillating multi tool model from the Dewalt series. It is a machine that delivers about 57% more run time using a brushless motor. Blades and other accessories can be changed as fast as possible on this particular unit with the aid of quick- change accessory system. You can have total control when operating this machine due to the availability of dual grip variable speed trigger. This machine also has LED light that plays great role when handling operations in dark areas and enhances used in most of the oscillating multi tools.


  • User friendly.
  • Can be used perfectly in dark areas.
  • Relatively affordable.
  • Comparatively powerful and great performance.


  • Relatively noisy when in operation.

Owing to the reputation of the Dewalt brand, this particular cordless oscillating tool may be an essential addition of you are looking for performance, quality and durability.

Safety and maintenance measures

This review is a guide to help you in making informed decision when purchasing your preferred cordless oscillating tool. However, it should be of utmost importance to ensure that you take safety precautions whenever you are using it in carrying out different projects.

It is also important because it protects other people who may not necessarily be direct users of this tool from getting unnecessary injuries. There are kids who may be unaware of operating this machine and may suffer from serious injuries upon attempting to use it. Therefore, ensure that you store in in a locked place after using it where children or any other unauthorized persons may easily get access to it.

The other safety measure to observe is ensuring that you wear protective gears when using this particular machine. Ordinarily, they make a lot of, noise and it would be fundamental to wear protective earmuffs. You may also wear protective eye goggles and hand gloves whenever necessary.

Another important aspect of safety measures comes in assembling the entire machine and replacing varied components. Some of these machines need to be assembled upon arrival and before using them. It can require some knowledge to perfectly assemble all the components thus vital to contact an expert of you have challenge in doing so. You should also make sure that you are careful when replacing parts and other accessories so that you prevent any possible harm.

Also make sure that you replace and repair the machine accordingly. Negligence of the worn out parts can not only result to inefficiency but can also lead to serious damages and injuries. The moment you realize there is any part or component that needs to be replaced make sure that you work with haste to prevent the machine from further damage.


From this review, anyone should be able to obtain the best cordless oscillating tool that meets their requirements and expectation and solve their needs. These top 5 cordless oscillating tools should be your ultimate preferences when it comes to shopping for one.

Many customers, carpenters, remodelers and DIY’ers have used some of these tools reviewed above, and the feedback has always been positive. It therefore means that you can never go wrong with one of these tools so long as you can meet the budget, maintain them and observe the safety precautions.

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