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How To Polish Plexiglass: An Insight Into The Process

We have already provided you with many how-to articles, especially in the woodwork section. At Victorcrafter.com, you will learn many DIY home remedies. This time it is on polishing plexiglass.

This article, in particular, is meant to help you learn and be able to clean your plexiglass surfaces following an easy and cost efficient home remedy. So dear reader, you are just in time for this precious information. Read on to find out more on what plexiglass is and a step by step guide on how to polish plexiglass.


Plexiglass is not glass as some of you might assume. It is rather a type of clear plastic acrylic material that is often used in place of the real glass. The reason why most people prefer to use plexiglass is that this material is more resistant to heat and cold as compared to the real glass. Additionally, plexiglass as a building material is sturdy and durable therefore it does not break easily like glass does.

Given that it is transparent, sturdy, durable, can withstand extreme weather conditions and is much easier to handle; plexiglass is often used for windows whether as replacements or when building a new structure. Plexiglass gives windows a beautiful and clear look and thus need to be maintained well and be super clean and sparkling all the time.

How to polish plexiglass in 5 easy steps

Polishing Plexiglass just like cleaning it can be a very tricky affair. If not done correctly and carefully, you may end up scratching the glass and hence compromise its look. Read the following instructions to enable you polish plexiglass carefully and perfectly.

What you need for polishing

  • Hot water
  • Basin/bucket
  • Vinegar (white or apple cider vinegar)
  • Regular glass cleaner
  • Paper towel and newspaper
  • Soft cloth (this can be a washcloth or soft sponge)

Step 1

First of all, you need to know that the best ingredient to polish plexiglass is hot water. The water should be realistically hot. You don’t need to let it boil up to 100 degrees.

Why hot water? Hot water as compared to any other solution tends to remove stubborn dirt and grime efficiently.

Step 2

Once you have the hot water ready, don’t start polishing the glass right away. Instead, clean the glass first to remove dust, dirt or grime. To clean, use a regular glass cleaner and a paper towel. Spray the cleaner on the window and wipe using the paper towel or lint free cloth.

Step 3

After doing the regular cleaning, now mix the vinegar (white or apple cider vinegar) with water by adding a small amount for example a cup of vinegar to a basin full of hot water and let it mix.

Step 4

To polish the plexiglass, moisten the washcloth with the vinegar and hot water solution and then wipe gently on the glass. Wipe from side to side to give it a clear polish. Also, do not wipe with a lot of energy as this may scratch the glass and leave a cloudy finish to it.

Step 5

Wipe off the vinegar mix to give the surface a clean finish. You can do this using a newspaper folded well or a soft dry cloth that is also lint free.

Alternatively; you can use a glass polisher top polish your plexiglass surfaces. What you need to do is buy a glass polisher from your local store and follow the instructions provided to clean.

There are obviously various specialty cleaners and polishers that can be used to polish plexiglass. However, using vinegar and hot water is a simple home remedy that is also inexpensive and works just fine if not better than most commercial cleaners. Home surfaces especially delicate and bright surfaces like plexiglass at your backyard cabin where dust rests easily, need to be cleaned and polished on a consistent basis. If you do this, you will keep your surfaces looking not just clean but also looking as new as the first day they were installed.

Things to bear in mind when polishing plexiglass

When polishing plexiglass, there are things you should and shouldn’t do. Here are some things to consider when polishing;

  • For effective results, remember to always use clean washcloths, sponges, paper towel, and newspapers. Dirty items can contain particles that may scratch the glass.
  • Use very minimal effort to wipe the plexiglass lest you risk scratching the glass too
  • Do not use any abrasive solutions to clean or polish plexiglass.

Having the essential items and knowing exactly how to polish your plexiglass is critical in being able to do it alone and for the first time. Polishing Plexiglass is not a complicated procedure especially if you are using our guide. It is just similar to when you polish a regular glass surface.

Once you commence on the preparation of items to use down to the polishing process, you will realize that patience, care and gentleness are required to get the desired results. The moment you do it in a hurry, and carelessly, you will forget that it is a glass material and hence you might end up scratching the glass, leaving it with a cloudy look or even breaking it.

Wrap up

The use of plexiglass is an often better choice regarding cost, safety, and durability. You just need to ensure that the glass is installed right in its frame and that you maintain it well. Even though plexiglass is a sturdy and durable material, if you handle it without care it will break. When cleaning or polishing any plexiglass surface, do it with utmost care. In the things to consider section, I have told you to avoid abrasive solutions, to be specific you should avoid using ammonia or anything with ammonia in it to clean or polish plexiglass.

In conclusion, you have finally learned how to polish plexiglass surfaces with hot water and vinegar. From this moment on, you can now easily clean and polish your plexiglass surface to a sparkling point.

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