All You Need To Know About Whittling Knife -2018

Whittling is an activity that involves carving and shaping of wood. It is an activity that has been practiced since time immemorial. This is a practice that dates back to the time when mankind was seeking means and ways of surviving. But over time and with the evolution of human and advancement of technology, it has become popular among different generations. Primarily, whittling is still practiced to date because people find some fulfilment from the practice. DIYers also find whittling to be a useful process in woodworking.

Typically, the art of crafting something, whether it is a small figurine or a big one, helps greatly in relaxing the mind and at the same time rewarding your body with some physical representation.

So I guess you are reading this piece because you want to become a whittler, aren’t you? But first you have to understand what whittling is and all the aspects that revolve around it. Whittling is primarily the removal of pare shavings or the cutting of small bits from a piece of wood. It is the most basic form of wood carving, but it is not the art of wood carving, as it is done today.

Essentially, you need a particular type of knife to perform this artistic activity. A whittling knife must be special enough to provide the precise amount of control and accuracy when crafting. Without a proper whittling knife, it becomes close to impossible to produce a beautiful carving that would give you a valuable piece of art.

As a culture, whittling has never been richer, and there is no particular time for anyone interested in this activity actually to start out on it. But there is one thing that you need to understand before you decide to venture into this practice, and one of the things you need to bear in mind is that you must have a good quality whittling knife to enjoy the art of whittling.

5 Characteristics of a whittling knife

Any topic that raises interest has to be elaborative when it comes to providing information regarding the particular tool. It is essential because it helps the readers, especially the novices to make sound and informed decisions when it comes to purchasing.

It is appropriate to provide a consensus in regards to the expected standards of an ideal whittling knife to obtain. Some of the few overall agreed –upon characteristics to factor in when looking for this kind of knife include the follow;

1. Shape of the blade

The blade is the most important part of any knife should be given utmost consideration. As in the case of a whittling knife, particular attention has to be paid to how it is shaped from top to bottom. You need to make sure that the blade you are choosing takes a relatively narrow from top to bottom shape. The reason for this mainly is because it makes it easy for you to cut through intricate sections. These are areas of mostly above 15 mm because the general purpose knives find it difficult to make good carvers hence the need for one that is comparatively thin.

2. Should have a Scandi grind

This term commonly refers to an edge that takes a triangular shape from top to the perfect point. If you look at most all-purpose knives, you will realize that they have what is known as a secondary bevel, which apparently not the best to use in controlled woodcarving. Choosing a knife with a Scandi grind means that you will be able to control it effectively even in the difficult angles to allow you to make beautiful and desirable carvings/shapes.

3. Comfortable handle

The perfect whittling knife ought to have a handle that not only offers comfort but that also provides adequate ease of use. These two features are not debatable as whittling is quite tasking and therefore will require a good quality knife that has a comfortable handle. It is essential to ensure that the whittling knife you are choosing offers comfort when used in different grips to make it easy in obtaining suitable carvings without causing discomfort to your hands or fingers.

4. Quality Steel blade

There are different types of woods that you will occasionally come across during your whittling experience. Some may be hardwood while other may be soft. Irrespective of the nature of wood, you need to ensure that you the knife for this activity have a strong steel blade.

It has to be durable to make it possible for it to endure the possible extreme conditions that it might undergo during the whittling process. It is also important to ensure that the blade can be sharpened easily and be able to retain the sharpness for a considerable period before going blunt or needing sharpening again.

5. Multiple blades

This is another characteristic of an ideal whittling knife. Traditionally, the knives for this purpose were made of a single blade, but over time, manufacturers have been producing those with multiple blades for convenience and ease of use. It is important that you get a knife that has multiple blades as this will allow you several options when it gets to crafting your wood to get different sizes with different shapes.

Multiple blades will also reduce the frequency of sharpening your knife. Ideally, you may also go for a single blade knife, but it is important to ensure that it offers versatility regarding usage.

These are some of the few characteristics that should make you look into when selecting a whittling knife. By carefully considering the above things, you can choose the best whittling knife there is and get to enjoy your whittling experiences.

Factors to consider when buying a suitable whittling knife

Be able to perfect your art of whittling or to be able to create intricate wood designs and shapes simply, you will need to have a well-shaped, high quality and sharp whittling knife.

But the major challenge is that most of the manufacturers tend to compromise on various aspects revolving around the design as a strategy of making their respective products to reach out to the wider target market for high returns.

It is more than important to ensure that you understand the variables when it comes to buying whittling tools and make the right choice. Here are some essential features to look out for when buying a whittling knife;

Type of steel

Edge of the knife

Size and shape

The handle


Aesthetic value

Safety measures when handling whittling knife

Wear gloves when sharpening the edges

Store in suitable place

Choose a fitting handle

Tighten any loose joint


As mentioned previously, whittling is an ancient practice. It is a craft that is beautifully contemplative and can also be meditative. At the end of the day, it is always the aftermath that matters and nothing else. Therefore if you actually want to engage yourself in whittling and see how well you fare on, wait no more! Get yourself the best whittling knife there is, learn the art and enjoy while you can.

As you pick the knife, try as much as possible to keep in mind the features discussed above, also ensure that you care for it well to be able to enjoy whittling for longer. Here are 5 maintenance tips: how to maintain whittling knife to help you care for your knife.

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