How To Make A Pocket Hole Jig

Are you an enthusiast DIY who wants to make pocket holes but do not have the special tools. Then its time you need to put special tools aside and embrace the common methods that am going to provide you with. A high number of DIY Enthusiasts that I have come across they do prefer going for the DIY Pocket hole jig. The Pocket Hole Jig is commonly called the pocket screw jig, and it's usually dated back to the ancient Egypt. Having a pocket hole jig is essential when it comes to performing of the pocket hole joinery in woodwork.

The use of the pocket hole jig technique where they use an angle of 15 degrees and the holed pieces are attached to another piece of wood by use of the self- tapping screw. This is a technique that is always doomed to be the backbone of success for anyone who is taking part in woodwork. Creativity is usually an essential factor, and you do not have to use tools such as the Kreg.


When making a pocket hole jig, you just require two tools;

  • Ridged drill
  • Ten pieces of drill bits. This one goes for around $ 5 per bit.
  • A Plan.
  • No. 2 Square Driver.
  • Bandsaw

Steps To Follow on How To Make your DIY Pocket Hole Jig

Step One acquires a plan.

You need to acquire a plan for the Pocket Hole Jig that you do require. Having a plan allows you to get the necessary requirements of the Pocket hole jig components that you might need. Also when you are going to the plan, you need to select a plan that is not easy to read but also to interpret. Remember we only require a simple Pocket Hole Jig that you can go for.

Step 2 Select the materials to Use

Making the Pocket Hole Jig from the IPE is considerably the perfect idea that you can implement and this is regarded to the strength that the IPE do have. They are deemed very strong as compared the nails. This is also very hard as compared to the nails that are why they are usually preferred. You can consider using the steel sleeve in the pilot hole though it's also not necessary.

Step 3 Construction Process

Following the plan that we have provided, you will make a pilot hole and inside place a steel sleeve. Poke through the end of the piece that you are drilling so as to obtain a small diameter drill. When you want to get a large diameter of the drill, then its simple you will look for a larger screwdriver. Ensure that your collar is actually at the right spot by testing your set up. This is an assurance that you are drilling at the right depth. After that, you will fold your lumber. This is supposed to be done on a scrap of wood that has got the same thickness as your project material. You need to ensure that the whole is centered in the thickness of the board.

Step 4 The Final Step

Finally, you will be good to go, and your Pocket Hole Jig can now be used. When you using it, always remember to use the center line on your jig to place it in the exact place where you need your pocket holes to appear.At the end of the project, you need to ensure that

  • The little section of your drill pokes out of the center of the thickness of the piece that you have drilled after the setup.
  • The main purpose of the lock collar is actually to set up the depths of the pocket, thus when you go too deep, and then you have to start over again.
  • Always tests your Pocket Hole Jig on a scrap wood before you can use it on your actual project.

In Conclusion

Most of the DIY Projects are always meant for people to save the costs of hiring. These costs should not only be the costs of hiring experts but also the costs of purchasing equipment. Thus, you need to be as economical as possible when you are dealing with the DIY. At times, it might be quite hard and time consuming for you to make your Pocket Hole Jig. You can go for these tools to the shops by the hiring option. This will allow you to save a lot when it comes to dealing with the DIY Project. Most of these tools are usually essential and commonly whenever you are performing a DIY Woodwork project thus it's usually recommended that you just purchase them at once. Woodwork is an art that is endowed by many. If you make woodwork art be part of you then you will enjoy every minute that you will be working on wood.

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