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How To Join Two Pieces Of Wood Side By Side?

Various occasions occur when you have to join two pieces of wood together; for instance while making wooden photo frames or table tops. It is very important to join two pieces of wood together perfectly so that it is possible to strengthen the end to end joints and there is no more scrap.

Many people consider joining the pieces with glue, but that is not much advisable as it will not strengthen the joints and also not fix them uprightly. There are many different ways in which you can join pieces of wood together. Before you start joining the pieces, it is important to collect various instruments like screws, dowels, plates and much more.

Additionally, we also recommend you to be extra careful while you join the pieces of wood together. In the blog below, there are different ways in which you can join two pieces of wood together. Read on to find how:

1. Install using Straps or Plywood Strips

This method is not only strong and simple but is also very easy to install. You can make use of either metal straps or plywood strips and install them to places where the appearance of the joint is not important; for instance, at the back side of the molding. It is also possible to make a DIY strap that is very easy to make and also save your money to a great extent.

For joining process, you have first to glue and then screw on one side of the wood where you need the joint. Once the glue completely dries, you have to apply glue to the other part of the wood and then assemble both of them to the workpiece. The last step involves pressing down both the pieces while you are fixing the screws. It is advisable to let the glue first dry before you start with the screws.

2. Join the Joints with the Pocket Hole Screws

The pocket hole screws are very easy to install, and they are highly recommendable for the joints that receive not much stress. If you are planning to make use of pocket hole screws to join the joints, then you need to have pocket hole jig.

A pocket hole jig is very much necessary so that it becomes easy for you to drill angle holes from one wood to the another. Make sure that the work pieces that you are using are a half inch thick for easy joining.

The pocket holes are such that you have to drill them from the back and they are visible from the front end. The screws that you insert afterward pull back the pieces together.

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3. Joining Technique with Splines

The splines are one of the best techniques for joining pieces of wood as it is strong, visible and customizable as per the workpiece. It is possible for you to create a glue surface with the help of splines that is capable of resisting the flexing.

If you are planning to use this technique, then it is highly advisable to create concealed spline. By doing so, it will not reduce the number of efforts you will have to put in, but also it will disappear once you assemble all the joints.

You have to set the bit height to about half the width of the splines and then adjust the router table fence to the center.

4. Drill and Dowel Wood-Joining Technique

It is one of the highly recommendable techniques of joining wood pieces together when it comes to simple and strong joining. The first step in this process involves marking of the dowel positions on both the faces. Then you have to position a dowel jig over the marks and then drill holes deep into the dowel marks.

After that, you have to take one of the two pieces and apply glue to it and insert the dowels and finally clamp it. Then take the second piece and apply glue on its ends and clamp both the pieces together until they are completely dry and clamp.

It is one of the best techniques as it makes a strong connection around the dowel by making use of glue surfaces. Also, it is possible to assemble the joint in the most beautiful and perfect manner. Lastly, it is important to note that while making use of dowels, you have to place the dowel at identical distance else it might end up becoming difficult.

5. Miter Joint to Join Long Wood Pieces

The miter joint helps in creating a long and edge grain glue surface perfectly. Also the joint helps in joining long pieces of the wood without much hustle. This joint is highly recommendable as it is successful in creating better glue surfaces in comparison to other joints. This is because the 45-degree angle plays a very important role in providing a semi long grain to the long grain glue surface.

It is also important to note that if you are planning to use the miter joint, then you will also have to make use of either splines or some other joint o add some strength to the joint. The miter joints are very much useful where you do not permanent and much stronger joint. For instance, like a wooden photo frame.

6. Simple Joining using the Butt Joint

The butt joint is one of the simplest joints for joining two pieces of wood together. As the name suggests, in a butt joint, you have to join two pieces of wood by placing them at a right angle.

It is important to know that this type of joint is not much recommendable because the end grain of one board will mate with the long grain of the other board. Most people tend to make use of adhesive gum to make it strong, but it won’t last long.

To make this joint stronger and last longer, you will have to reinforce it with either screws or nails.

7. Dovetail Joint – Beautiful Wood Joining Process

The dovetail joint is one of the most beautiful and simple joint techniques to join two pieces of wood together. You can also make use of this joint in decoration or strength.

When you interlock the tails, and the pins of both the workpieces, the result is a very strong point. Also, when you join the multiple long gains to long grain glue surface, the result is a very strong and beautiful joint.

This joint is highly recommendable because it is resistant against pull away. It requires a lot of patience and great skills to make use of dovetail joints.

There are many instances where it becomes necessary to join the two pieces of wood together, like a DIY wooden frame, DIY multi-purpose drawer or a DIY bookshelf. Before you start making any of these, it is important to know about how to join two pieces of wood together.

There are various joint techniques that you can make use of, like a butt joint, a dovetail joint, miter joint and much more. It is equally important to know what kind of joint is best suitable to your workpiece while keeping in mind the strength of the joint, durability and other such factors. In the blog above there is a mention of different joint techniques and how you can implement them in a simpler manner.

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