Harbor Freight Pocket Hole Jig Vs. Kreg Jig Hole

For the DIY enthusiast then having knowledge of the best pocket hole tool is very vital. This will enable you to go for the right tool that will save you on time and expenses as you work towards quality. Most of these tools are usually deemed to be damp expensive, but they are usually the option of hiring. If you consider going for hiring rather than buying then, this will allow you to save a lot. The option of going for hiring services largely depends on how frequent you are going to use the tools.

Most of this tools such as the Kreg Jig Hole and the Harbor Freight Pocket Hole Jig are prevalent tools if you are a DIY Enthusiast that is why going for the hiring option is never the best option for you to consider. A Harbor Freight Pocket Hole Jig and the Kreg Jig Hole are one of the vitals tools when it comes to making of the Pocket Hole Jig. At times it's very difficult to select the best tool between the two tools. Here are key points on all you need to know when handling the Harbor Freight Pocket Hole Jig Vs. Kreg Jig Hole


• A Harbor Freight Pocket Hole Jig

A Harbor Freight Pocket Hole Jig is designed in such a way that it has a variable center that is a range of the material Thickness. It’s also equipped with a fixed toggle clamp that is meant to adjust the various positions. It also renders a maximum precision due to the hardened steel drill guide that is designed using the steel. You can also use it as a portable unit or even mount it on the bench. It has got an anodized aluminum jig body that makes it very light for one to carry around with. It’s also designed with guide blocks thus making it one of the safest tools to use. It has also got 100 self-tapping screws with a hex wrenches thus when it comes to performance they are the best tools that you can ever use.

• Kreg Jig Hole.

The Kreg Jig Hole tool is one of the best tools for one to use for both bench top and portable purposes and this is due to the removable Drill Guide that it has. It can be use for materials that have got a thickness of up to ½ inch thick. The Kreg drills are made from hardened steel thus they are durable for any ongoing wood work project that you might be having. When you want to make some home repairs then this is absolutely the right tool because of the removable drill guide that it has. When it comes to performance then this is the epic tool and this is due to the wood-chip relief holes that it has which is meant to keep the bit clear from excess wood chips.

You can secure your jig to your workbench because it has a large clamping recess feature. Its body material is made up of Glass-filled nylon material which is actually durable and strong. it has got 3 drill guides which make its performance beyond par. The clamping methods that you can use here are the toggle Clamp on Bench top base technique.


A Harbor Freight Pocket Hole Jig goes for around $ 69 in the several online stores. On the other hand the Kreg Jig Hole goes for around $ 100 on the several online stores on the web platform.

In Conclusion

The ultimate aim and goal of the DIY Projects is to enable people to save the costs of hiring. You will need to invest in quality yet affordable tools such as adjustable wrenches  to make it easier to perform your projects.

The ultimate aim and goal of the DIY Projects is to enable people to save the costs of hiring. There is also another cost that you can’t easily do away with and this is actually the cost of hiring and purchasing equipment. If the equipment and tools that you do require for your DIY Project is high then I do recommend the use of the hiring technique. We do have various stores that do offer the hiring services that you can actually consider. On the other hand, the frequency on how the equipment that you are buying also plays a critical role whether if you should go for hiring or you should buy. If the tool that you are using is frequently used then you should consider buying rather than hiring.

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