The Difference Between Spar Varnish And Spar Urethane

If you are still new in Woodwork Projects and you want to perform a DIY Woodwork project, then I do believe that you have come to the two terms. Most of the beginners in the woodwork projects normally assume that the two terms are the same thing, but they are completely different. Above all the major difference between Spar Varnish and Spar Urethane is actually that the Spar Varnish chips or chalks off over time while the Spar Urethane provides a hardy and smooth surface that does not wear over time. Hence one is best and can sustain the harsh climatic conditions. The two products are all used for woodwork finishing purposes.

Spar Varnish Vs Spar Urethane


Spar Vanish

The Spar Varnish is a product that is made up of natural oils such as the tung and linseed or even soya which is combined with resins and solvents and a UV Protector. It also made up of driers that provide a shiny surface when used on a wood surface.

Spar Urethane

On the other hand the Spar Urethane is a synthetic product that is composed of water based or oil based products. The water based products have got a very easy cleanup, fewer fumes and also its known for drying up within the shortest period. On the other hand, the Oil based Spar Urethane takes a longer time to dry up, and you are required to apply several layers which are very thin so as to prevent drips.


• The Spar Varnish

The Spar Varnish provides a relatively little amount of scratch resistance, and you need to apply it periodically since it normally chips, flake or even chalks off with time.

• The Spar Urethane

The Spar Urethane is always deemed to be the perfect option that you can consider case you do not need to reapply it since its extreme and provide high resistance to chemicals, and water. Thus when it comes to outdoor woodwork projects, then this is deemed to be the better option that you can consider. There are two types; the water-based urethane and the Oil based Urethane. The water-based urethane has got no fumes and takes a smaller time to dry as compared to the Oil based Product.

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•  Spar Varnish

When dealing with the Spar Varnish, you can use the soft white bristle Brush to apply it on the surface. It also drys very fast with a minimum of 24 hours which is the time it takes for the two coats to dry up.

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• The Spar Urethane

You can use the household paint brush to apply the Spar Urethane on a surface. It takes the shortest period for the coats to dry and this is approximated to around 30 minutes. For you to acquire that solid surface, then you need to apply two to three coats.


•  Spar Varnish

It’s a highly recommended product that you can use when you are dealing with indoor woodwork projects. This is accrued to the properties that it has since it cannot sustain the harsh environmental conditions.

• The Spar Urethane

It's regarded as the best products to use for outdoor woodwork projects. Its ability to be able to resist water and chemical reactions gives it a better coating when handling the harsh environmental conditions. It also does not chalk or chip off easily hence there is no continuous coating all the time. This is what makes it the better coating for you to consider.

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Surface finishing should always be given a thorough consideration especially when you are looking forward towards having an amazing appearance. You need to always go for the right surface finish product depending on the role of your woodwork project. Basing on the above details, it's apparent enough that the Spar Varnish is an organic component while the other Spar Urethane is an inorganic component that is achieved through the polymerization of the Urethane products. Hence one is tough as compared to the other. If you are economical enough then going for the Spar Varnish is not a wise idea hence its recommended that you go for something that you will only apply once and that is the Spar Urethane.

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