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How To Cut A Perfect Square Hole In A Wood Piece?

In a great dilemma, how to carve a perfect square hole through your wood sheet? If it would have been about making a circular hole, you could have stretched your hand towards your toolbox, grab the drilling machine and simply drill the hole on the sheet.

But when it’s about cutting a square without breaking the sheet, either to make a toy, to build chassis or to build something specific it becomes a tedious job. And if you are supposed to do that in the center of the sheet, you would lose the patience. The blog will take you through the different methods to cut the perfect square through your wood piece.

What Will You Need?

Before you start your work, it is important to collect all the required materials for the work. Why is it important? It is because, if you start working and at every step, you would have to go to bring the tool from around your place or to buy them, it won’t only be time-consuming, but also you will lose the precision.

In the art of woodworking, the precision is the utmost requirement. Get your tool box read the mentioned material before you start working.

Before Cutting

Before cutting the perfect square, one needs to lay the design and layout on the wooden piece so that you get evenly cut squares at the exact place where you needed it. Take your pencil, steel-square, a calculator and start drawing. We will cut a square exactly in the center of the wooden sheet.

1. Use rulers or measuring tape and find the exact center of the wooden sheet. Mark the point using a pencil clearly that it is properly visible. Now place your steel square on the sheet such that the shorter leg of the steel square aligns with the edges of the sheet while the longer leg stands against the mark. Draw the reference lines through the mark using the pencil. Pencils are preferable than the markers so that in the case of mistake you can erase the lines.

2. Now decide the length of the square. Use the measuring tape and mark the locations. Now, draw a line perfectly at 45 degrees from the intersection of two reference lines passing through the center and meeting the opposite corner. You can even rotate the square in any direction maximum to 45 degrees.

3. Now keep the protractor on the sheet such that the zero point of the protractor and the center of the square intersects and the straight line passing through the zero point is exactly parallel to the reference line drawn using the short leg of the steel square. Find the position of the two corners from the zero point. Draw the line in the direction i.e. one would be at 45 degrees and the second would be at 135 degrees from the zero point. If the square is rotated 45 degrees, then you can mark one point at 90 degrees and the other point at 180 degrees. To ensure that you have marked the points in the correct direction, you check whether the corners point the sides of the wooden sheet or not.

4. Now find the distance between the center and each corner points. Divide this length of each side into the half. After this divide the side by 0.707. For instance, if the side is 6 inches then divide the side first by two that is 6/2= 3 inches and then by 0.707 which is 3/0.707 = 4.24 inches.

5. Just two step away from finishing the layout. Place your steel square on the wooden sheet having one leg in alignment with either of the corner angle and other on the center point. Now, draw a line that starts from the corner angle and passes through the center point and the reference line. The line drawn would exceed even the corners on each side of the reference line. Measure the length of the line that you just drew in both the directions from the zero or center point. You should mark the ends of the corner on each side of that reference line to get the opposite corners. Repeat this with all the corner marks for the other opposite corners.

6. Now what is left is aligning the square with the two adjacent corners and drawing a fine line through it. In the end, add the lines for the remaining three sides.

The Traditional Way!

Earlier when we were not that blessed with the inventions, the woodworkers just used a chisel and the hammer to carve out the wood from the wooden sheet. If you don’t have router or jigsaw, what you can do is find your chisel and hammer from the toolbox and start working.

For better precision, place the chisel in a slanting position and start hitting it with the hammer. If you would have kept the chisel in the vertical position, there were chances that you would have damaged the other parts of the sheet, and the cut would not be on the line.

Hit the hammer hard and apply pressure when necessary and slowly-slowly cut all the sides of the square. Now hit the hammer hard on the chisel for removing the square from the sheet.

The Modern Way!

After we had got drilling machines and tools like Jigsaw and routers, the work got bit easier. Now follow the steps carefully if you got the tools.

1. Place your drilling machine at a point that is only a bit away from the corner on the interior side of the square. Turn on the driller and drill the hole on the edges such that it should touch the each side of the square. Be careful it should not get a pass to it.

2. Remember the hard work you did of laying the outline? It would be of great use now. Start with installing the blade or the cutting bit on the jigsaw or the multipurpose tool available for cutting. Insert the blade into the hole and hold it very firmly. Turn on the blade and follow the outline, going from corner to corner to get your perfect square shape.

3. Use your wood filer to file the corners after cutting, to make the corners look like a square. It so, because the multipurpose tool or the jigsaw’s blade leaves small-small radiuses that are not finely cut and not even square. File them and sand the edges to get the smooth surfaces and remove all the rough and sharp edges.

The Easiest Way!

Man always keeps on inventing to ease his work. Days to cut the square using jigsaw are gone. A new square cut driller named ‘Quadsaw’ is out on the market. It doesn’t just help to get a perfect square but even a rectangle at speed even faster than the electric saw.

It will leave you in the awe that a driller can drill something other than the hole. The quadsaw’s design contains four blades on the periphery of the back plate and a drilling bit in the center. The accessory powers the reciprocating blades that work together to cut either a rectangle or a square depending upon the position of the blades.

Draw the normal outline of the square and adjust the position of the blade accordingly and press the quadsaw against the sheet. Hold it firmly and as it has its limitations. It can only drill through plastered walls or drywall. So, drilling square hole through the wooden piece can get challenging. Sand the edges to get the smooth surfaces.

Prepare yourself, gather all the required tools in your toolbox and do it. You may go for the easiest way to cut a square in your wooden piece, but due to limitations, I would prefer that you go for the modern way of cutting the square hole.

Yes, it requires you drawing the layout on the wood that could have been eliminated through using easiest way but more precision and better artwork can be done. If you still have doubts do ask us, I am happy to help you. Don’t forget to leave your reviews below in the comment section. Happy woodworking!

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