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Crucial Tips on Air Purifier For Smoke

The dangers of secondhand smoke are now rampant, and the legislature is now out to limit the indoor exposure of citizens. However, legislature alone can’t control the production and diffusivity of smoke.

What would you do if you have a smoker for a neighbor and has a lot of smoke drifting from their apartment to yours? Or you live in an area prone to fire outbreaks? The few steps you can take is to limit its effect on you! Thisis often done with an air purifier, and they are versatile in their functions.

Why Is It Essential To Get Rid Of Smoke?

The simplest way to put this is that smoke is very harmful to health. Some might wonder how harmful it could possiblybe since they spend the whole day on the road and at work inhaling loads of it.

How much smoke you inhale in a day goes a long way to damaging some major parts of the human body, especially the constituents of the blood. Having children, older adults, or any of both with respiratory problems such as asthma, would pose more risks being around smoke.

Several sources of smoke can cause discomfort, and noting the intensity is the first step to determine the methods to prevent it from escalating. Wildfires are difficult to control than regular sources of smoke from a cigarette. They are intense but temporary. The regular sources can are easy to control, but the control measures are usually not permanent.

The first step in controlling smoke from neighbors (secondhand source) is to ask them nicely to stop. There are about 250 different harmful chemicals in the smoke produced by tobacco; as determined by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

There are at least 69 carcinogens such as benzene, arsenic, and formaldehyde. This smoke can cause diseases and premature death even in nonsmoking adults and children. The risks are worse with children as they have higher chances of developing SIDS, cold, bronchitis, and worsened symptoms of asthma.This is why you need to purify smoke before it gets to you or your loved ones.

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The Best Option for Purifying Smoke

There are several ways to purify smoke, but there are conditions to consider before they can work. Even the best air purifier designed for smoke would need to meet any or more of the four criteria; long term or short term smoke, the source of the smoke, and level of exposure.

  • Short Term Smokes (Wildfire): When you experience a wildfire, there are two options to consider. The short-term exposure can be for hours or even weeks. However, the main concern here is the particulate matter.Some filters can filter out most particles well; such as the HEPA filter. The only downside is that some tiny particles can still pass through.

The worst is when gases and odors begin to diffuse to your location. The HEPA filter can’t prevent this; so you would need a better option. The best option for both particles and gases is the PECO air purifier.

  • Long Term Smokes, With High-Level Exposures (Tobacco/Wood): Tobacco smoke and wood smoke are not common, especially in urban areas. Tobacco smokes are usually produced deliberately in the home by tobacco smokers, while wood smokes are produced from wood stoves usually in developing countries.

In both scenarios, there is a lot of gases and smoke released. Using an air purifier would be a great idea, except that the sustenance of the cleaning is not fully guaranteed. The only lasting solution is to move the smoking outside and stop using wooden stoves.

  • Long Term Smokes, With Low-Level Exposures (Tobacco/Wood): These include secondhand cigarette smoke and wood smoke. The best purifier for low-level smokes like these is the Molekule air purifier. The Molekule air purifier can prevent the permeability of most pollutant gases except carbon monoxide.

Although hybrid air purifiers can serve well for this purpose, they do not do well regardinglong-term investments. The cost of filter replacements, in the long run, is discouraging, but adding a large quantity of carbon inside the filter can prevent this.

How Can You Reduce Smoke Smell?

Purifying the air is one thing, the odor produced is another. The smoke would most likely produce an odor, and it gets stronger based on the elements burning. Getting the best air purifier for smoke odor is the best option. They usually have a carbon filter if you want a short-term solution, and this filter is usually replaced at intervals.

The Molekule air purifier is the best solution for long-term use. However, some smoke can’t be eliminated. Tobacco produces smoke that sticks to almost every surface. A lot of its odor gets trapped in rugs, curtains, chairs, and walls, and the best option is to replace most of these materials after you have put an end to the smoke source.

Cleaning these items would go a long way to reducing the smoke odor, but not completely. For materials that have been exposed to smoke for a very long time, replacement of these materials would be the best option.

Is There A Best Option For Smoke Elimination?

The answer to this question is determined by the steps you take. The best solution is to remove the smoke source. In situations where you can’t remove the source; which is usually the case, you can use an air purifier to reduce most of the effects of the smoke.

There are several types of air purifiers in the market, and they all have their benefits. You should try the first methods; removing the smoke source; this would help determine the purifier that you need.

Wrap Up

Eliminating smoke completely is a very difficult task unless you are willing to do a full renovation of the entire building. This is why you need an air purifier. A perfect example is Molekule air purifier. It is cost friendly and capable of purifying smoke to a very high degree and eliminating some quantity of odor.

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