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A Comprehensive Guide on the Best Submersible Well Pumps for Depth Potential

The long missile-like cylinder comes equipped to perform some impressive tasks. The hermetically sealed motor assists in water pumping activities in wells of varied depths and sizes. One of the most amazing facts about the best submersible well pumps is that they do not fall foul of cavitation issues. They work from beneath the water’s surface, pushing aqua up, instead of behaving like jet pumps that pull water up and soon find themselves high and dry.

While they each have their own special industrial applications, submersibles have proven to come out on top; no pun intended.

Why A Submersible Water Pump

If you have never quite pondered the means by which water gets to your home or office, now is the time to find some enlightenment. Water pumps, often submersibles, are responsible for this – in other words, they are all around you, or rather underneath somewhere.

Your residence will most certainly have its own electromechanical pump to send water around the house. If you own a bore well to get at the water table, you may certainly have witnessed the installation where they lower an incredible amount of cylindrical tubes underground so you can sip an iced tea when you feel like it or spend that extra half hour in the shower.

Wherever water needs to be pumped up to the surface from below ground or larger water bodies (25 feet or more), aside from a passing water table, you will have need of submersible well pumps.

There are those who might argue that jet pumps can handle several hundred feet of water, and that there is no need to get fancy. For the same size motor, though, you can pump much more water with submersibles than jets. The only major inconvenience is when you have to repair or maintain these pumps, at which point you will need to extract them from the depths like ancient treasure.

But again, there is an upside. Submersibles can slog for several years (give or take a couple) before they demand any serious check-ups. Just keep them away from contact with algae, sand, and silt, and you have yourself a winner who can perform long-term.

Top 5 Best Submersible Well Pumps On The Market – Reviews

1. XtremepowerUS 1.5-Inch Outlet Stainless

Capable of immersion up to 122 feet, this stainless steel submersible well pump is designed with a 4-inch diameter body and the capacity to handle up to 0.15% sand content in the water that it pumps.

At 220 volts, this can indeed be considered a heavy-duty machine. Durability is paramount, and for that the pump’s motor lead comes designed with an oil- and water-resistant jacket, and dual cooling features.

Weighing in at 15 pounds, this is quite the lightweight model, as submersibles go. It does not require any batteries to run, which is ideal because the last thing you need is to retrieve the whole pump from the depths to change its fuel source. Hot 110 plus 110 equal 220 volts, and a ground renders the XtremepowerUS an efficient 3-wire submersible well pump.


  • 220 volts.
  • Oil- and water-resistant jacket; around motor lead.
  • Body: 4-inch diameter.
  • Immersion: 122 feet.
  • Sand content tolerance: 0.15%.
  • Total weight: 15 pounds.


  • Heavy duty use.
  • Not battery-operated.
  • 3-wire design; hot 110 plus 110 equal 220 volts; and a ground.
  • Can easily manage a minimum of 60 psi (pressure rating).
  • Takes about 15 minutes for installation.


  • Stainless steel housing has displayed cracking at the top portion after several months of use.
  • Reported to manage about 38 psi in a 70 foot depth well, which is less than advertised.
  • Does not come with proper instructions.
  • Lifespan seems to last an average 1 year.

2. Red Lion RL12G05-2W2V 1/2-HP 12-GPM 2-Wire 230-Volt

Sold in two horsepower versions, namely 1 and ½ hp (our review is about the latter), the Red Lion RL12G05-2W2Vmight not look like much, but it enjoys status as one of the most versatile submersible well pumps on the market.

Wells with 4-inch I.D. and more will certainly benefit from this pump that is capable of handling 12 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) output. Aside from having a thoughtful suction screen built into its design, the pump also has a built-in check valve. This grants it enviable durability and safety ratings.

Depth immersion stands at 250 feet, which is an amazing measure for farms and large residential areas. Weighing about 21 pounds, this is not the lightest submersible pump on the market, but is worth its weight – its efficiency features are ideal.

Not only is it easy to install and replace, the pump can work ideally for several months before demanding any ‘touch-ups’. Designed to work with two hot wires and a ground, this is one of the superior 3-wire models out there.​

There is no need to look for a control box, because it is built into the motor itself. If you already have a control box, simply redo the wiring to bypass the motor’s circuitry for the hot wires, and place the ‘negative’ ground where needed.


  • Weighs about 21 pounds.
  • Immersion: 250 feet.
  • GPM rating: 12.
  • Varieties: 1hp and ½ hp.
  • Well compatibility: 4-inch I.D. and more.


  • Built-in: control module, check valve, and suction screen.
  • Good GPM value.
  • Outstanding immersion depth.
  • Brilliant pressure even at 100 feet.


  • Reported to work fine only up to 2 months; rare instances.

3. Hallmark Industries MA0419X-12A Deep Well Submersible Pump

The pump is designed to serve as a 3-wire model (2 pump wires and a ground), and comes with a control box built into the body itself. Capable of handling industrial-grade heavy duty work, theMA0419X-12Aredefines safety via its thermal protection feature.

Capable of working with 35 GPM (Gallons Per Minute), it can also be submerged in 4-inch diameter or bigger wells. Powerful at 2 horsepower, the motor can work 230 volts, complementing the sturdy stainless steel toughness of the submersible’s body.Not only does the motor use less energy, it is also overheating-resistant (thanks to a thermal protection design feature) and has a hermetically sealed motor. There is a built-in check vale as well.


  • Immersion: 400 feet max head; ideal for open water tanks.
  • Compatibility: 4-inch diameter or bigger wells.
  • 3-wire model (2 pump wires and a ground).
  • 2 hp230 volt power.
  • 1-1/4-inch NPT discharge.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Built-in check valve.
  • GPM capacity: 35.
  • Electric cord provided: 10 feet.


  • As efficient as 3hp pumps.
  • Built-in starter box; no need for an external control module.
  • Thermal protection switch.
  • Hermetically sealed motor.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Ball bearings improve performance.
  • Noise reduction design.
  • Also included: intake screen, diffusers, and thermoplastic impellers.


  • Reported to conk out in about 3-4 months.
  • Pump depth efficiency could be mis-advertised; has displayed issues at about 160-170 feet; rare instances.

4. Hallmark Industries MA0343X-4 Deep Well Submersible Pump

We seem to have our sights set on Hallmark Industries. Despite the reasonable and rare downsides reported concerning models in this range, the benefits (in our opinion) far outweigh minor reparable concerns. Take this 115-volt marvel, for instance. It can work in the voltage range of 100-130 volts, with 110 being the nominal voltage.

Designed for immersion in 150 feet, it has a built-in control box and a 3-wire pump design (2 for the pump, one for the ground). Throw in a 1/2- hp power output and 25 GPM (Gallons per Minute), and you have an excellent submersible well pump that can be installed in 4-inch (or bigger) diameter wells.

Durability rating is also high; its stainless steel body partially ensures that. It also comes with a thermal protection switch for improved safety rating, and a built-in check valve. The hermetically sealed motor does a smart job of using less energy and preventing overheating.​

While it is safe to confirm that the MA0343X-4 can indeed be used for heavy duty well pump applications, do not ever attempt to use it as a 220-230V (or thereabouts) pump, you will end up burning the motor.


  • Immersion: 150 feet max head.
  • 1 to 1/4-inch NPT discharge.
  • ½ hp power output.
  • GPM value: 25.
  • Voltage: 110V nominal, range of 100-130 volts.
  • 3-wire design (2hots for pump, and a ground).
  • Compatibility: 4-inch diameter or more wells.
  • Built-in check valve.
  • Heavy duty use.


  • Built-in starter box; no need for separate control module.
  • Hermetically sealed motor; overheat prevention, less energy use.
  • Has a thermal protection switch.
  • Patented impeller design for improved durability and lifespan rating.
  • Also included: intake screen, diffusers, and thermoplastic impellers.
  • Noise reduction design and activity.


  • Does not work in septic systems.
  • Repair/replacement parts are not readily available.
  • Reported troubleshooting issues at around 10-11 months of use.

5. Hallmark Industries MA0414X-7A Deep Well Submersible Pump

Even after much deliberation, the Hallmark brand just keeps coming up in our search for best submersible well pumps. At No-1 on our list is theMA0414X-7A model, and to be perfectly honest much does not change concerning features in the Hallmark submersible well pump family. But it is precisely this consistency that has inspired to rely on their quality.

A 1 horsepower motor comes prepared to handle heavy duty 230 volt current. The stainless steel make is as durable as it is tough. The pump can be installed in wells that are 4 inches in diameter, and bigger wells too.

The 33 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) capacity feature has endeared us to the MA0414X-7A like none other in the Hallmark lineup. The 3-wire system (2 for the motor, 1 for the ground) is welcome indeed, and we still prefer the built-in control box feature; this means no more external setups that cost more time and money to maintain.

Thermal protection and check valves are also built-in, and this model can also handle a 1 to ¼-inch NPT discharge. It boasts an invaluable hermetically sealed motor.


  • Immersion: Max head of 207 feet; ideal for heavy duty use in open water tanks.
  • Capacity: 33 GPM (Gallons Per Minute).
  • 1hp motor with 230V compatibility.
  • 3-wire system (2 for the motor, 1 for the ground).
  • 1 to ¼-inch NPT discharge.
  • Compatibility: 4 inches in diameter wells, and bigger.


  • Built-in starter box; no external control module required.
  • Thermal protection and check valves are also built-in.
  • Also included: intake screen, diffusers, thermoplastic impellers.
  • Hermetically sealed motor.
  • Has thermal protection switch.
  • Noise reduction features.
  • Patented impeller design; highly durable pump.
  • Tiny diameter holes on the pump intake screen means much less debris entry.
  • Pump is overall lighter, shorter, and uses much less amperage than most other submersible models on the market.


  • Very small wire lengths, especially ground wire.
  • Reported instances of seal-related issues inside pump; rare instances.
  • Leakage on internal check valve also observed.

Factors To Consider In Die Grinder Selection

Without further ado, let us delve into the technical world of submersible well pumps and show you how best you can shop for one, for your particular and/or specialized needs. Bear in mind that to distribute water ideally throughout a building, you may need to pair these machines with an apt pressure tank.

A. If you already have a pump

    1. Size

The ID plate on your existing pump will display horsepower. This will help you understand how best to upgrade it. In case you have an older submersible, the main paperwork for it will contain the data you need. If your aim is to buy a pump that has durability but runs for a lot less longer than before, you will need pumps with more power. This means a slightly bigger sized pump. Choose one size larger, not more; recommended practice. There are two types in this regard: 2-wire (built-in controls) and 3-wire (separate or built-in control panel) pumps. If your prevalent pump has 2-wire controls, try for a 3-wire upgrade along the same lineup.

   2.  Type

Does your pump reside in the basement or above-ground? That means you own a jet pump, which draws water from your well via a set of pipes. If you see only one pipe leading to the well, you have a shallow well jet pump. If two, it is a deep well model. Either way, knowledge is power, so use it to upgrade accordingly. You already know what a submersible well pump is capable of by now.

B. If you are looking to buy a brand new pump

   3. Size

A pump that can deliver 8-12 GPM (Gallons per Minute) of water is ideal for buildings that have 3-4 bedrooms in them. By tallying all the water fixtures you have (spigots, faucets, showers, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc.) you can roughly figure out just how much water you need to run your residence or office. As a rule, every fixture will need one GPM each. If you come across submersible pumps that display only GPH (Gallons Per Hour), all you need do is multiply your GPM value by 60.

    4. Type

What kind of well depth do you have to work with? 25-400 feet depths will absolutely benefit from a submersible well pump. On the other hand, 25-110 feet could do with a deep well jet pump, and anything less than 25 feet is better off relying on a shallow well jet pump.

    5. Well Depth

We touched upon this in the previous point, and here we detail it further. A well driller report will have all the facts you need to know about the well you own, including its depth. If you have a DIY-er’s spirit, tie a fishing bobber to the end of a long string, lower it into your well until you sense the bobber touch the water’s surface, mark the string where you are at, measure the length from there to the bobber. This is great for jet pump installations. For submersibles, however, the well needs to be emptied and you can perform the same test only this time the bottom is your mark not the water’s surface.


We are almost certainly going to stick to consistency and recommend one of the best submersible well pump models from Hallmark Industries. While the others on our list are suited for variegated applications, we like the reliability of No-5 on our list, namely the Hallmark Industries MA0414X-7A.As cleanliness stands, the tiny diameter holes on the pump intake screen means much less debris entry to affect the motor and internal mechanics. There are very few well pump models out there that can match the MA0414X-7A’s being lighter, shorter, and using much less amperage.

The power wires are also smaller gauge, even though their carry output can handle the 5.1 amperage rating for this pump. Among several different brands that incorporate the 2- and 3-wire system, this model stands in its own light. From its 230V heavy duty power wielding capacity to a reliable 1 hp output value, the model’s 207-feet maximum immersion rating adds to its practical prowess. Thermal protection features, a hermetically sealed motor, noise-cutting design, and its compatibility with standard 4 inches in diameter wells (or bigger) have made this a go-to favorite among submersible pump owners.

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