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Choosing the Best Home Air Tools For Various Applications 2018

Home air tools have been existing for more than 100 years. Plus, they also boast their different uses. They mainly use air to work. One reason that these tools become so popular is that it utilizes air. However, you need a clean, convenient, and safe air. Thus, these tools have transformed themselves into reliable machines. Also, they serve different applications.

The air tools and the driving force of the compressors save the effort, time, and money of users. It is applicable to various amazing places and projects. However, air tools differ in sizes, and others are stronger than the others. Some are even lighter than the standard machines. Every industrial sector uses them for automobiles. You can even use them for dairy farming, aircraft, and textiles.

There are a lot of types of air tools. However, they all function in similar ways. They boost the pressure and lessen the volume of air. But, selecting the best air compressors may leave you feeling overwhelmed.

So, for you to get the right air supply, you need to know which air compressor you should purchase. No worries! We will give you the complete guide to choosing the right home air tools for you!

Various Types of Air Compressors

Stationary air tools are large equipments made to place in a garage or a shop. These devices have the high horsepower. Plus, they usually have big storage tanks. These enable extended duration of the uninterrupted function. Also, they usually come with a vertical design. So, it lessens the amount of room they need.

On the other hand, the portable versions have smaller storage tanks. They come with wheels or handles. These add-ons permit you to drag them to different places. Plus, they are more compact than any other models. Portable compressors are for easy and fast applications. You can use them in powering different kinds of nail guns. Also, it may be useful in airbrushing.

You see, an inflator is the smallest type of compressor. It does not go with a storage tank. Hence the motor needs to work continuously to supply adequate air. Also, this compressor can pump up air to tires, flats, and various sports equipment.

Here are the types of air compressors:

- A Hot Dog Compressor is a horizontal version. It comes with a cylindrical, single tank.

- The Pancake Design is round. Plus, it has a little storage tank attached underneath the unit. The design puts extra stability and takes up just a small amount of space.

- A Wheelbarrow Compressor has dual cylindrical-shaped tanks. It has a wheel and handles for easy transfer.

- The Twin-stack has two cylindrical and horizontal tanks. The design of this compressor puts additional air capacity. Plus, it does not add more space.

Power Supply of Air Tools

Air compressors are the most common types. Moreover, they require low maintenance that other models. They also don’t make disturbing noises and work in a dry place. Also, these compressors fit indoor applications. A lot of home air tools function on a 120 bolt. However, larger versions may have a different voltage need.

The portable design also requires the appropriate extension cord that requires less mobility. All you need to do is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the extension cords needed and see the safety tips for each. It all depends on the model you are using.

You should plug an inflator to a 120-volt outlet. For gasoline-powered air tools, you can efficiently use them for free functions. You will need this when electricity becomes unavailable. They require more horsepower than other models. Also, they can produce a higher PSI.

Specifications of Home Air Tools

The horsepower rating for air compressors will determine the power output in which the motor needs. The high-powered compressor makes an increased air pressure, which you can quantify in PSI. A higher PSI indicates that the air compressor can hold more air in the tank. Hence, it allows you to work with the air tools during an extended period.

You have probably heard of standard cubic each minute and the cubic feet every minute. They show off the air volume the device channels at a given PSI level. The cubic feet per minute alters as the PSI changes.

As the PSI output lowers down, the cubic feet each minute goes up. An increased cubic feet per minute rating enables more air flow. Also, it is more suitable for heavier applications. You can apply them in framing nail guns and working air wrenches.

Manufacturers rate the compressor’s storage tank sizes differently based on gallons. For smaller ones, they can reach up to 6 gallons. They may be useful in completing projects like operating nail guns and airbrushing. For larger storage tank, it will require a higher pressure. Also, you can use them in automotive work and remodeling.

Home Air Tools Features

Understanding the nature of air tools will help you select the right model for you. So, here are some features you need to explore:

- Thermal protection discontinues the motor. It avoids harm from overloads.

- A belt drive system prevents a noisy operation.

- You may also need an adjustable exhaust. It enables you to direct the exhaust away from your workplace.

- Multiple Couplers let you handle various operations. You can do this even without joining and unjoining some tools.

- Other tools and accessories include nailers, hoses, and blowguns. However, not all of these devices come with air hoses.

Other Considerations

- Space

You will need the smaller versions of compressors for smaller spaces. Also, an excellent option is to purchase the pancake type of compressor. It takes up a smaller space while you are using it in different applications. Plus, you can easily store them in a closet after doing a task.

- Oiled or Oil-free Compressor

A few compressors need some lubrication. Hence, you need to put some oil on it. But, other models don’t necessarily require oil to function. Those that fall in the oiled compressor needs lubrication for the parts to work properly.

For oil-free compressors, the joint won’t tear down without it. Those models also are more lightweight than the oiled counterparts. Moreover, they tend to work best in hospital settings, laboratories, and operating rooms.


When shopping for air tools, you’ll notice is that it is pretty confusing. There are lots of features you have to acknowledge. These are the essentials before you settle for the best. But, don’t let these things overwhelm you. What you have to do is to measure what matters to you and your work. Also, know how this air compressor may suit your requirements. It may be true, especially for different applications.

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