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Chicago Electric 6 Amp Reciprocating Saw Review

There is nothing as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s almost impossibility. This is the same situation that befalls an amateur as they look for the best reciprocating saw in the crowded market. There are so many brands of this saw on the market, all of which are being thrown at you to grab. But is it wise for you to grab any reciprocating saw you come across? Nay! It is always very prudent that you do your homework first before taking any step. Such homework has been made much easier by the number of reviews that have been written as a guide for buyers to understand a product before making an informed decision. The Chicago Electric 6 Amp Reciprocating Saw review is particularly impressive, just proving to us that the product works exactly as advertised by the manufacturer.

An Overview

The Chicago Electric 6 Amp Reciprocating Saw is a perfect choice of a saw for the beginners. It is very easy to use and is credited for its precision and accuracy functions that enable users to do their tasks within shorter periods of time as compared with other reciprocating saws on the market. Such an impressive performance is inspired by the features packed on the saw. The impressive features are the reasons why not only beginners have preferred the selection of this tool but also professionals. If you are looking for a reciprocating saw that offers high cutting performance and overall simplicity, then look no further than the Chicago Electric 6 Amp Reciprocating Saw.


  • Name:                 Chicago Electric 6 Amp Reciprocating Saw
  • Amperage:       6
  • AC Volts :         120
  • Height:              6 ¾ inches
  • Length:              18 inches
  • Width:                 3-7/16 inches
  • Weight:               5.95 pounds
  • Stroke length:    7/8 inches

Special Features

Powerful 6 Ampere Motor

One of the saw’s main selling points is its powerful motor that provides the users with the capacity to cut with the most desired accuracy and precision. An accompanying variable speed trigger enables you to choose the most appropriate speed in correspondence to the material being worked on. This variable speed trigger features a switch lock on a button thus providing you with a safety mechanism as you work on your cutting projects.

Rotating Body

This is yet another market attraction feature that will almost immediately attract any customer to consider buying the Chicago Electric 6 Amp Reciprocating Saw. The rotting body helps the user to maintain a standard, comfortable grip regardless of whether you are cutting horizontally, vertically or diagonally. There is nothing that makes work as easier as when a comfortable grip is guaranteed. The rotting body is thus liked because it makes work easier and enables one to complete their tasks thanks to such an ergonomic design.

Rubber Grip

For even better comfort and efficiency, rubber grip design has been factored in the construction to even further boost the advantages that come with the ergonomics of the body. The two most important yet much overlooked factors of a reciprocating saw are the comfort and effective control. Without these two features, the quality of your work will surely be compromised.

This Chicago Electric Saw knows this and that’s why it offers you a rubber grip that assures users of comfort. Proper comfort in return effectively improves your ultimate control. The rubber grip is also credited for its role in improving the durability of the reciprocating saw.

The saw’s handle completely rotates through 180 degrees at five distinct stops. These stops are found at 0 degrees, 90 degrees left and right as well as at 45 degrees. The ability to rotate to these different angles optimizes the comfort as well as achieving maximum comfort when you are work at different angles.

This does not however come without a downside. This rubberized over mold is not very "grippy", especially when your hands are sweaty and you are not with your gloves on. The rubber is smoother than most of the handles out there. If only it were rougher, then this would not have been an issue no matter how wet your hands would have been.


The accuracy of work done when working with a reciprocating saw is also dependent on the stability of the tool of choice. Among other efficiency features, look for a saw that is very stable when in use for an improved ultimate work quality. It is common knowledge that a flimsy and weak tool will not give you the results you are looking for. In any case, you will also not enjoy working with such a tool. The Chicago Electric Saw comes with a shoe plate pivoting at 30 degrees for improved stability when in action.

Easy Maintenance

There is nothing that can be as stressful in these saws as the changing o blades. Getting a saw whose blade can easily be changed is thus prudent. And here is yet another area where this Chicago saw scores high as the changing of its blades is super hassle-free. Within a matter of just a few couple of minutes, you will be able to remove the existing blade and replace it with a new one with a lot of ease.


Rarely would you come across a reciprocating saw of the caliber of Chicago 6 amp within its price range. It is the best reciprocating saw for about $50 or less. Most of the other saws selling at its price will neither be durable nor offer precision and accuracy. Their comfort, stability and control are also irritating. But for the Chicago saw, all your performance concerns are answered without having to break the bank.


  • Comes with a variable speed trigger for improved performance
  • Features a rotating handle thus improving the stability and usability at any angle
  • Its relatively affordable hence a good choice for the beginners
  • Its motor is very powerful
  • It is very simple but also very durable
  • Features a comfortable grip that gives the user total control over the saw


  • No blades accompany the saw when shipped
  • At early stages, the pivoting shoe is a bit stiff but loosens after lubrication and repeated use

User Reviews

In overall, most of the users are talking highly about this product. The most impressive feature that receives most reviews is its price to performance ratio. It is a very affordable tool yet the performance out does some of the high end products. Other features to have been highly commended are the durability, the sturdiness, the lightweight feature, comfort and reliability. Water is life but some people detest water. Similarly, as much as the Chicago 6 Amp saw is popular to many, some still have some reservations towards it. Just a handful of users have registered their complains with issues being the lack of accompanying casing, improper built with a user also complaining that the product was a little bit heavy.

Using the Saw

To insert the blade, a blade holder has been provided. This is twisted and the blade pushed until it’s fully seated. The tools shoe isn’t adjustable and has been set back pretty far. As a result, the same section of your blade will most likely be doing most of the cuttings thus resulting in a faster speed of blade wearing out. Such is common with most entry-level reciprocating saws.

In addition to the easy-to-pull trigger, there is also a side-mounted trigger lock that offers extended use of the saw without the trigger having to be kept down. For extended use, the trigger as well as the lock should not be subjected to too much abuse of environmental contaminants and prolonged use as the mentioned features are a bit cheap in quality.

The shoe of the saw should be kept at a comfortable angle of choice on the dimensional lumber to improve your efficiency of producing nice cuts. Though it lacks an orbital mode, the tool is still easy to rock back and forth for thorough cuts to be quickly realized. The rocking is especially made easy by the 30 degrees maximum possible attainable angle, thus realizing a positive contact with the piece being worked on.


Finding a universal reciprocating saw isn’t an easy thing. Luckily, we have the Chicago Electric 6 Amp Reciprocating Saw, a saw that can be used by virtually anyone. The tool features a very simple construction, is relatively cheap yet very durable and above all, it offers its users with optimized cutting accuracy and precision performance. The saw has a very powerful motor and works well. It is probably the most ideal saw for beginners and is loved by professionals in equal measure. All in all, there are a number of reciprocating saws on the market for you to choose from. As much as you may start with this product as a beginner, it will be nice for you to try some more advanced saws later on in life. The most important thing is that you do your homework before going to the counter.

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