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What Is Parawood?

Have you ever heard of parawood? And do you know what it really is? These are some of the few queries that are frequently asked about it. In a nutshell, parawood is primarily the wood that’s derived from the rubber tree. It is thus also referred to as rubber wood. Other names other than rubber […]


Woodworking Essentials: The10 Safety Rules Every Woodworker Should Know

Woodworking is all about turning pieces of wood into beautifully amazing structures and just the ability to make wooden structures that you can enjoy for years to come tends to bring in a lot of satisfaction. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a seasoned or beginner woodworker, you should practice safety precautions at all times […]


10 Woodworking Projects For Kids: Quick & Easy Wood Crafts

Did you know that study without practical makes your little ones dull. As much as bookwork is good, it may end up being hazardous if the bookwork isn’t combined with practical. One of the ways of preparing your little ones for future independence is by teaching the woodwork. There are many easy and quick wood […]


A Guide To Woodworking Power Tools And Their Accessories For Beginners

With a variety of tools, a skilled woodworker can easily identify and choose the right tools to use for a particular project. This way, they can produce some very amazing wooden crafts.And a beginner?For a beginner, the situation is a rather different case or should I say tricky. But why so? The market provides very […]


How To Get Started In Woodworking?

Besides being a remunerative profession, woodworking can be taken up for Do It Yourself (DYI), projects or even as a pleasurable and constructive hobby. Like any other crafting profession, woodworking needs certain basic skills. And if you want to get started in woodworking for any of the preceding purposes, you need to follow certain sequential […]


Bamboo V/s. Hardwood: Which is the Best for Flooring?

Have you noticed the uncanny resemblance between the two types of flooring materials – Bamboo and Hardwood? These pertain to their appearance, touch, and characteristics. Nevertheless, there are differences between these two types of flooring materials: bamboo is obtained from grass; hardwood is engineered from trees. As a result, there are certain attributes that set […]


Woodworking 101: Why Is Heartwood Darker In Color Than Sapwood?

As part of the essential woodworking skills and tricks, basic knowledge about the structure of woods more so the internal structure is important to good craftsmanship. With a sound knowledge of wood and its structural design, you are able to make informed decisions when choosing the best wood for your woodworking projects.Majorly, a large percentage […]


How To Unwarp Wood In 3 Different Ways

In an initial post, we talked about how to Bend Wood with Water, this round though it is different as we don’t want to bend but rather to straighten. Read for more information.There is nothing as annoying as carefully storing your wood for use at a later time only to retrieve it and find that […]


Methods On How to Stabilize Wood

Wood products are known to warp and change in various ways depending upon the humidity levels and temperature ranges. To enhance the quality of any given wood, it is thus important that it be stabilized through chemical treatments. Such treatments end up adding color and weight to the wood in question. This is simply due […]


4 Valuable Methods You Need to Know to Attach Wood to Brick

Chances are, you have pondered putting a wooden structure or plank over a plain brick wall. Whether you need to put in a handy wooden shelf or create a fireplace mantelpiece over brick, worry not, we’ve got you covered!Now, attaching wood to brick can be quite a difficult task, and you may need special kinds […]

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