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    Best Survival Knife Review: All You Need To Know (2018)

    The significant question to ask yourself when in a situation that requires survival is what type of knife would suitably help you survive the ordeal.In this case, we are not talking about hunting and killing predators or killing lions for food, but instead, we are thinking of a knife that can help you to split […]


      All You Need To Know About Whittling Knife -2018

      Whittling is an activity that involves carving and shaping of wood. It is an activity that has been practiced since time immemorial. This is a practice that dates back to the time when mankind was seeking means and ways of surviving. But over time and with the evolution of human and advancement of technology, it […]


        5 Maintenance Tips: How To Maintain Whittling Knife-2018

        Knives constitute one of the most important tools of an outdoorsman. You have to depend on a good quality knife not only for cutting but also for other tasks like carving and shaping of wood. Knives have remained an important part of mankind ever since time immemorial. The development of science and technology has also […]


          Buying Guide and Top 5 Best Whittling Knife Reviews for Beginners 2018

          Whittling is an age old practice. It dates back to the prehistoric age when man started looking for ways and means to survive. It is through practices like whittling that technology came into being; the ability to carve and sharpen wood gave Man the idea of using sharp wood as a weapon to hunt, protect […]

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