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How To Get Started In Woodworking?

Besides being a remunerative profession, woodworking can be taken up for Do It Yourself (DYI), projects or even as a pleasurable and constructive hobby. Like any other crafting profession, woodworking needs certain basic skills. And if you want to get started in woodworking for any of the preceding purposes, you need to follow certain sequential […]


How To Join Two Pieces Of Wood Side By Side?

Various occasions occur when you have to join two pieces of wood together; for instance while making wooden photo frames or table tops. It is very important to join two pieces of wood together perfectly so that it is possible to strengthen the end to end joints and there is no more scrap.Many people consider […]


Bamboo V/s. Hardwood: Which is the Best for Flooring?

Have you noticed the uncanny resemblance between the two types of flooring materials – Bamboo and Hardwood? These pertain to their appearance, touch, and characteristics. Nevertheless, there are differences between these two types of flooring materials: bamboo is obtained from grass; hardwood is engineered from trees. As a result, there are certain attributes that set […]


How To Spray Polyurethane Finish In 5 Simple Steps

Polyurethane is one of the most beautiful finishes for wooden constructions. Its qualities and benefits go far beyond beauty as this finish is also known to be stain, spill and moisture resistance. It protects the underlying wood material from destruction as well as makes the construction more appealing.However, applying polyurethane finish is not an easy […]


Surefire Tips And Ideas On How To Dull A Glossy Finish

Are you faced with the dilemma of how to dull a glossy finish? If so, you must realize that wood finishes are meant to beautify and protect furniture and other wooden constructions. Satin finish, matte finish, and glossy finishes all serve the same purpose and appeal to individual users differently.However, if you find that the […]


Woodworking 101: Why Is Heartwood Darker In Color Than Sapwood?

As part of the essential woodworking skills and tricks, basic knowledge about the structure of woods more so the internal structure is important to good craftsmanship. With a sound knowledge of wood and its structural design, you are able to make informed decisions when choosing the best wood for your woodworking projects.Majorly, a large percentage […]


A Guide on How to Glue Felt to Wood

There is a variety of reasons as to why people desire felt on their wood projects. The denominator is that regardless of your reasons, the applications procedures and techniques remain the same. Do you want to boost the aesthetic qualities of your wood project by protecting it from scratches?Gluing felt to wood is one of […]


Methods On How to Stabilize Wood

Wood products are known to warp and change in various ways depending upon the humidity levels and temperature ranges. To enhance the quality of any given wood, it is thus important that it be stabilized through chemical treatments. Such treatments end up adding color and weight to the wood in question. This is simply due […]


How To Polish Plexiglass: An Insight Into The Process

We have already provided you with many how-to articles, especially in the woodwork section. At, you will learn many DIY home remedies. This time it is on polishing plexiglass.This article, in particular, is meant to help you learn and be able to clean your plexiglass surfaces following an easy and cost efficient home remedy. […]


6 Ways On How To Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors

Do you realize that today wooden floors are becoming popular in many residential and commercial buildings? Yes! I hope you do. These are regarded as some of the best materials to be incorporated in the construction industry in the recent past. However, how to clean engineered hardwood floors is one of the biggest challenges that […]

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