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    How Do I Hollow Out A Block Of Wood?

    Wood routers are great tools to have when it comes to wood working because they can be used for a number of different purposes. One of those purposes is hollowing out wood and that’s exactly what we are here to talk about today. Using a router to hollow out wood is not very difficult but […]


      Difference Between A Plunge Router And Fixed Router

      Working with wood is really cool because you can build whatever your imagination can create. That being said you definitely need to have the right tools to get the job done. One of the most commonly used tools when working with wood is the wood router. Quick Navigation What Is A Router?So What Is The […]


        How To Maintain A Router Table

        The wood router table and the router itself is an essential part of any wood worker’s arsenal, the same goes for any carpenter or handyman too. The wood router can help anybody make very precise cuts in the wood, create patterns, and create specific edges. These tools are mostly used in the making of cabinets, […]


          What Is A CNC Router? Why Use It Over Other Tools?

          A common question that people have when it comes to woodworking is whether to use a manually controlled router or a CNC wood router. The quick answer to this is that a CNC router is much better. Keep reading to find out what a CNC router is, what it can do, and why it is […]


            Can I Use A CNC Router Machine For Transparent Acrylic

            Routers are fantastic tools to use both for handymen and for the average Joe working around the house. Routers can be used to make grooves, edges, patterns, and other cuts into wood as well as other materials. Routers are very convenient tools for building things like shelves, cabinets, and other household furniture. Something that is […]

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