Can You Use Spar Urethane Over Paint

For any DIY project, the finishing of the whole project is what matters. You need to ensure that the project you are handling has received a perfect and top finish to ensure that you are doing the right things, Varnishing of your woodwork Project is the last step of any woodwork project that you are doing. We have various types of wood varnishes that you can go for such as the Spar Urethane and the Polyurethane. The two varnishes have got their differences since one is used for indoor purposes and the other one for outdoor purposes.

The Use of the Spar Urethane for outdoor purposes is very common due to the properties that this varnishes do have such as highly resistant to water and being the best varnish for solid works. One can use the Spar Urethane Varnish over paints such as the Latex Paints etc. Though this comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

How To Use Spar Urethane Over Paint

We have got two product options of the Spar Urethane, and this is the Oil based Spar Urethane and water based Spar Urethane. The water base Spar Urethane is regarded as the best option that you can a consider when you want to use a Spar Urethane over the paint. This is because the water base will always remain transparent while the Oil based Spar Urethane tends to turn yellow when it ages. On the other hand, you can decide to go for the Oil based product since it provides a hard finish when in use. The Oil based products also take more time to dry thus taking more time for one to work on.

Step One Surface Preparation.

This is one of the vital steps that you do ought to consider when you want to have a perfect surface finish for your task. The main aim of the surface preparation is actually to ensure that the surface is free of dust and Greece before you start working on it. Here is how you will prepare the surface.

  • You will sand the surface so as to allow the surface to adhere better with the Spar Urethane.
  • You will then vacuum it and wipe it down using a lint-free cloth. This is done to remove any sanding dust. This can also be done using the TSP and an ordinary sponge.
  • Next step is applying the coat of sealer before you can start applying the varnish. If skip this step then you will have to use more Spar Urethane.

Step Two; The Application Process.

The application process of the Spar Urethane is usually deemed to be time-consuming since you need to allow each coat or layer of Spar Urethane to dry before going to the next layer. There two types of designs of products that you can consider and this are the Brush on Product and the Wipe On Product. With the Brush on Product, you will use four to five coats, and each coat must have an overnight dry or given about three hours to dry. When you need a sturdier coating, then the brush on varnishes are the best. You need to ensure that you do keep your product away from dust completely since this can easily mar your finish. Here are the basic application steps that you will consider.

  • Once the surface is prepared, you will apply the water based bonding primer using a synthetic fiber brush or roller. This is meant to provide a better footprint and also allow the spar urethane to adhere to the wood firmly. You will allow the primer to dry and prepare for the next coating within 2 hours.
  • Select an acrylic latex paint to use as a topcoat then using good quality synthetic filament brush you paint it on your wood work and allow it to dry. You can use a good quality roller in case the area painted is extensive. An acrylic latex paint is highly recommended because it forms a hard film that is flexible and relative to the Spar Urethane.

Step 3 The Final Drying Step.

You will store your woodwork project in a dust free place that is ventless. Allow it to dry for 2-3 days that is when it will be ready. Exposing your woodwork project to dust exposes to a lot of mars and that will affect the overall appearance of the product that you have worked hard for a vacuum area before the beginning of your project.


The use of the Urethane over paint is not highly recommended because of the various limitations that are normally accrued to it. Some of these limitations are;

  • Premature failure or making your woodwork project vulnerable to chipping thus affecting the life of your project. Though this can be prevented using scrabble paint or applying two coats of acrylic latex paint.
  • The water-based Spar Urethane and normally affected by dust especially when used over paints, that is why it is recommended that you cover any air vents or dust in the room so as to minimize the entrance of dust in the room. When you are using the Oil based Spar Urethane, then it's advised that you go for

Working with paints and Spar Urethane can be somehow complicated, and that is why it normally advised that you should not go for any paints, but one of the highly recommended paints is the acrylic latex paint. When mixing the paint, you should not shake it but actually, use the color sticker. Surface Finishing is one of the fundamental steps that need to be done with a lot of keenness especially when you are handling it using the Spar Urethane. When never selecting and applying this component it's also critical that you go through the various safety measures that you need to observe. Some of these products are very volatile and harmful to your health, and a good example is the TPS.

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