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Buying Guide: The Best Vacuum For Tiles Floors Explained And Reviewed 2018

Just like hardwood flooring, tile floors have also become quite popular among homeowners and developers. These floors have a stylish, classy and appealing look that no other floor type can match. However, such classy flooring loose the touch and worth when they fail to be maintained properly. Regardless of time, finances or whatever factors that might excuse your lack of floor maintenance, as a home owner you should always strive to ensure that your floor remains clean and in top shape.

You need to keep your floors clear from spills, stains, and dirt that might affect its look and feel. And that is why I suggest you get a good quality and efficient tile floor vacuum to ease the difficulty of cleaning and preserving this type of flooring.

Top tips to buying the most ideal vacuum for your tile flooring

The question that most buyers ask is how to go about picking the best tile floor vacuum? While there is no specific way to do that, there are various factors that you can consider to help you identify the best machine for this need.

a) Type of tile floor

b) Maneuverability

c) Price

d) Warranty

e) Additional features

The Best Vacuum For Tile Flooors Reviewed- 5 Choices

In the following post, we will supply a list of the top 5 vacuum models in the current market. We take a deeper look at each of the top vacuum models, featuring Dirt Devil, Dyson, Bissell, Hoover, and Electrolux.

1. Dirt Devil SD20505 Power Air Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum for Hard Floor

One household appliance that you will not regret investing in is this stick vacuum for your tile flooring. The reviews and ratings for this product speak for itself with thousands of customers praising it for its power and suction ability.

Therefore if what you want is a bagless convenience and easy to use unit, this is the best vacuum for you.

Features and benefits

For a stick vacuum, the lightweight and compact design are more noticeable. This design enables you to move the unit from room to room easily. Also, the compact build and stick design do not take up much storage space as it can easily stand in tight places.

With the above features allowing for easy maneuverability in tight places, the unit also features a low profile nozzle that makes it easy for you to clean under furniture and appliances leaving your home clean in every spot.

Since it is meant for cleaning hard surfaces, DirtDevil ensured that this unit is equipped with a very powerful motor and cyclonic filtration for efficient cleaning. The powerful 10 amp motor provides for fast and easy suction of dirt and dust from the floor while the filtration allows it to cut through messes with consistency.


  • Most of the complaints on this vacuum are that it produces a lot of noise when in operations.

Overall, this Dirt Devil cleaning appliance is excellently designed to pick up dirt and for easy storage. The design and features present in this unit match the price and even surpass it. It is high powered, easy to use and excellent value for money

2. Dyson V6 Cord Free Vacuum

Do you have a pet or kids that tend to bring dirt in the house every now and then? Well not all vacuums are suitable for regular cleaning. Why? Because some tend to be too bulky for the grab and go type of cleaning while some are limited due to the power cord. Well, there is an option which is this Dyson V6 cordless vacuum.

It is our best pick for a vacuum that can be used to quickly and easily clean dirt and dust off tile floors.

Features and benefits

Well it is cordless from the name and description above. This is obviously advantageous as you can clean even use it outside the house on door steps where your little kitty might have messed up or to clean a little mud on the door mat left by kids. The cord free feature also provides for a hassle free cleaning with unrestricted movement.

Basically the advantage over this and the other corded models is that with this unit you can clean when and where you want with minimal limitations.

Moreover, it quite the versatile unit. Its design and majorly the motorized cleaner head allows you to clean all floor types whether carpeted, hard, wooden etc. you therefore don’t have to worry about getting a separate vacuum for your carpet.

With the center of gravity directed towards the grip, one can easily clean anywhere they want including ceilings and wall corners.


  • Dyson could improve on the handle material
  • Battery cannot be changed, this is a big minus for the unit

Well the price is neither mid nor lower range, it is quite high but for it features, it is a good quality choice of vacuum for multiple cleaning applications.

3. Bissell 1132A Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop

Cut your cleaning time up tohalf with this Bissell symphony all in one vacuum. You won’t find another one like this in the market as the Bissell symphony vacuum is the only cleaner that can vacuum and steam at the same time.

It is a must have tool for cleanliness freaks as it gives you a complete clean up in one simple step. All you need for this unit is water and your tile floors will stay clean and sparkling 24/7.

Features and benefits

This unit is pretty easy to use. It is coupled with easy touch controls that allow you to switch between functions easily and quickly. It also has an adjustable handle and quick release mop tray both of which are to give you an easy time storing the cleaner after use.

Given that it is also a steam cleaner, it is only best that the manufacturers provide replicable mops for the cleanser like Bissell has done with this unit. Upon purchase there are about 4 replaceable pads (2 soft pads and 2 pads for scrubbing to remove even the toughest debris from your floors).

Most homeowners tend to hold back from buying such cleaners I can’t tell why, but the truth is that with this vacuum cleaner, you won’t regret for it will provide you with undeniable efficiency and versatility. First of all, the steam mop uses only water; hence you don’t have to worry about harsh detergents ruining your floors. Also, the interchangeable floor mops provides you with a step by step cleaning that leaves your floors clean and free from residue buildup.


  • The quality of this cleaner is quite wanting
  • Doesn’t do a good job suctioning heavier dirt

Well, I know that cleaning isn’t the most favorite chores for many of you, but with this Bissell cleaner, you might just change your opinion about cleaning floors. Therefore if what you want is to save on time and have clean floors all the time, then get you one of these Bissell Symphony cleansers.

4. Hoover FloorMate Deluxe FH40160PC – Corded

Tile floors are a delicate type of flooring that requires utmost care and maintenance to stay in top shape. Therefore, you need a good quality vacuum cleaner that is specially designed for hard and delicate floors like this one.

This Hoover FloorMate is one unit that part from being a value for money product will also get the cleaning job done with utmost efficiency and ease. I believe that Hoover knew what this unit is capable of and therefore dubbed it the “ultimate hard floor cleaner” which is evidently true.​

Features and benefits

It is a top quality cleaner that will not only suction dirt but will also wash your floors, dry them and leave them sparkling clean and dry to enjoy walking on. And for this, the unit features a dual tack technology that separates dirty water from cleaning water so you don’t repeat dirty water on your floors.

Another significant technology used here is the Spin scrub technology. This provides for safe and gentle cleaning of your delicate tiled floors. The unit will wash and scrub your floors in all angles plus with counter rotating brushes providing for an all-round rotating deep clean.​

Washing with this unit uses a cleaning solution and suction up dirty water in a singular motion leaving your floors sparkling clean and dry.

Apart from its amazing functionality, the Hoover FloorMate FH40160PC is pretty easy to clean. The tank, nozzle and brush can be cleaned easily and fast too.​


  • The brushes supplied with this unit are made of poor quality plastic thus wears out quickly

Like I said delicate flooring needs top quality cleaning equipment and this Hoover FloorMate will provide you with the needed performance for cleaning tiled flooring. The pricing is great and so is its performance there isn’t any more reason not to buy this vacuum cleaner for your tiled floors.

5. Electrolux Ergorapido 12V Cordless 2-in-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum EL2021A

Electrolux is also among the best vacuum cleaner brands in the market currently. Electrolux vacuum cleaners are designed and developed for the job they are meant to do the correct way, the very first time. All of Electrolux vacuums have a selection of attachments and an array of functions to make cleaning your floors a breeze.

In case you are looking for quality performance in a package that is built to last, then this Electrolux ErgorapidoEL2021A model of vacuum cleaner might be the way to go.

Features and benefits

Using this unit, you will love the maneuverability of the head of this vacuum. It swivels at 180° giving you easy access to clean hard to reach corners around the house as well as clean under furniture pieces easily.

It is quite versatile and easy to use thanks to the cordless features that allows you to freely move from room to room and up and down stairs cleaning every room that you want. Additionally, the tool is hand held and is also equipped with a hand-held crevice tool and dusting brushes for cleaning surfaces above the floor like crevices, stairs and seats.

If you have pests around the house, cleaning the pet hair won’t be a problem as the Bushroll technology enables the unit to instantly remove tangled hair from the unit with one touch of a button.

The light weight, cordless and bagless design makes it easy to store this unit in the house.​


  • The battery takes longer to charge than it can be used, this is a big disadvantaged for a cordless unit

This is with no doubt a good quality 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner for hard floors. Despite the battery issue, everything else is top notch and you will certainly enjoy using it for cleaning your tile floors.

Best Tips on How To Clean and Care For Tile Floors

Just like choosing the best vacuum cleaner, cleaning and caring for your floors needs that you understand the type of tile used for your flooring. This knowledge is essential to helping you know how and what to clean it with.

There are very many cleaning techniques that are not suitable for tile cleaning. Therefore, if you end up using the wrong method, to clean your tile floors, you could ruin your not so inexpensive flooring. Here are some helpful tips to follow when caring for your floors;

  • As previously stated, a very important rule is knowing your type of tile. Quarry tiles do not need to be cleaned using agents like vinegar, acids or bleach. Wax can also damage the look, feel and durability of this natural stone.
  • It is best recommended that you get a professional at least annually to clean and seal your tile flooring. In between this cleaning you should be performing regular cleaning and maintenance personally to ensure that your floors stay in top shape.
  • A vacuum cleaner is a handy tool that you should own, remember that you shouldn’t buy just any vacuum but one meant for hard surfaces like tile flooring. Why so? Because these type of units are more effective, gentler and less apt to scratch smooth surfaces when cleaning.
  • Along with vacuuming, your tile floors also need to be mopped regularly using a micro-fiber mop. Like the vacuum, these type of mops are gentler on tiles and won’t cause scratches.
  • Remember to not use too much detergent or the wrong cleaning agent when mopping. Ensure that the detergent or agent you use is of a neutral PH and is suitable for tile cleaning.
  • Do not always clean with a detergent every time you mop. Forgo the detergent every once in a while to rid the floor of any potential solvent buildups from previous cleanings.

Taking proper care of your tile flooring and using the right means and detergent to clean it will ensure that your flooring gets the maximum lifespan it can. Just remember that whenever you have a situation that you are not confident to handle yourself, call a professional to do it so that you don’t tamper with your tile floors.

Wrapping up

If you're planning to get tile floors vacuum for your house, make sure you only choose from the best quality one with the best features that you need. Check out our top recommended models in the review section to help you choose the most ideal one.

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