Best Pocket Hole Jig Reviews 2018

Are you looking for a pocket hole jig to help you complete your woodworking and home improvement projects? Whether you’re a DIY master or a total novice, there is a pocket hole jig that’s just right for you. We’ve gathered our top five picks from around the internet in order to help you buy the best jig for you. Which one will it be?

Our Top 5 Picks

1. Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System

As the top-rated and best-selling pocket hole jig system on Amazon, we had to include it in our list. After all, you don’t get high ratings from 95% of your customers by accident, right? Whether you’re an absolute beginner looking to DIY right out of the box, or a seasoned pro who’s just looking for something a little more portable, the R3 Jr. is a solid choice.

If you weren’t already convinced that Kreg is looking out for you with this one, there are a number of options just to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. At the time of this review, four packages were available – just the jig, jig and 5-size screw kit, jig and clamp, or the complete set with clamps and screws.

2. Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System

Now, what if portability isn’t a concern for you – you just want a high-quality jig with a simple installation and high customer satisfaction? Kreg delivers again with the K4 Pocket Hole System. This system is a bit more expensive than the R3, but it comes with a number of useful accessories and upgrades included in the purchase price.

Who is the K4 best for? Well, it will need to be used on a table top, so if you’re looking for something portable, look elsewhere. It’s also not the best for getting into angles and corners, since you won’t be able to use the drill guide in that area. However, if you’ll be using it in one place and you need something that’s easy to install and adjust, the K4 can’t be beat.

3. Kreg MKJKIT Mini Kreg Jig Kit

You might notice that Kreg products have been three of our top five reviews – and that’s no coincidence. As one of the leading brands in the pocket hole jig market, with an impressive lifetime warranty on their products, they’re often one of the top brands in comparison searches for jigs. If you’re still on the fence about what to buy, any Kreg jig is sure to be a valuable investment.

When it comes to the Mini Kreg Jig Kit, the strength is in the tight corners. The Mini Kreg Jig is one of the smallest pocket hole joinery devices on the market, which allows it to fit in areas with very small dimensions. Since there is no fence or drill guide, all adjustments must be made manually, so it’s not the most efficient choice for full-time use, but sometimes you just need to get into the corners – and that’s what the MKJKIT was made for.

4. Drill Master Portable Pocket Hole Jig Kit

So, we’ve covered portability and simplicity – but what about the jig kit that does both? The Drill Master Portable Pocket Hole Jig Guide is made to be used with a bench and tabletop, but can easily be a portable unit if you need to travel with it. The aluminum body won’t hold up to as much abuse as steel, but it’s significantly more durable than plastic – the best of both worlds!

This particular tool is a Harbor Freight product, which means you have the benefit of the Harbor Freight reputation when you buy – even when purchased through Amazon. The included bits and accessories are a little disappointing in comparison to the Kreg tool kit, but thankfully they are cross-compatible for those who’d prefer the Kreg accessories with the Drill Master tool.

5. Sommerfeld's Pocket Hole Jig - Cast Aluminum

For those who want to make sure they have everything they’ll need, the Sommerfeld’s Pocket Hole Jig set contains everything you’ll need, at an affordable price. Sommerfeld isn’t the best-known brand out there, but sometimes the smaller brands deliver in terms of value. This is one case where that’s definitely true.

The Sommerfeld’s jig set includes two drill guides, 3 hex wrenches, 2 clamps, two pocket drivers and depth stops, a drill bit, and 100 screws. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who’s just starting out, as there is plenty in the package to keep you occupied while you’re learning the trade. Then, once you’re more comfortable with the process, upgrading to one of the bigger brands will let you fine-tune your skills even further.

What to Consider Before Buying Your Pocket Hole Jig

How often will you use it?

Do you understand how it works?

Do you draw your own plans?

Do you need it to be more portable or more durable?

What is your budget?

Our Pick for Best Overall: Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System

While your individual needs may vary, we think that the Kreg R3 Junior offers the best balance between value, features, and quality. The extra options help custom-tailor your package to your specific level of experience, as well as allowing you to forego any accessories you might already have. If that wasn’t enough, Kreg’s reputation, warranty, and top-seller rating on Amazon guarantee that you’re getting more than your money’s worth.

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