Best Heat Gun Reviews 2018

A heat gun is one of the handiest tools you can possess. It is good for stripping away paint from any surface. This is one common use of the heat gun in the home, except you are sound in technical stuff.

There are many application of the heat gun in industrial processes; such as activating adhesives, thawing frozen pipes, bending plastics, removing dents in fiberglass, stretching vinyl, etc. The type of heat gun you buy depends, majorly, on purpose you intend using it for, and there are several other things to consider.

These considerations include checking out other products, and with the knowledge of how to buy a heat gun.

Reviews of the Best Heat Guns

1. Dewalt D26960k Heavy Duty Heat Gun:

If you are a heat gun enthusiast, then this heat gun is the right choice for you. It is very reliable and not too expensive. One of its specialties is its ease of use. It is not complicated to use, and anyone of any skill level can use it conveniently.


There are but a few heat guns that have an LCD screen. This LCD allows the user to adjust the temperature easily, and at 50-degree increments.

However, there is a built-in overload-protection just in case there is an overload in the temperature.

This overload protection shuts down the heating element to prevent burn up. While using a heat gun, there is a high possibility of the cord detaching due to movements.

However, the DeWalt D26960 comes with a cord protector that prevents the cord from tearing away from the housing of the heat gun.


  • Affordable and easy to use

  • LCD screen

  • Cord protector

  • Hang ring for storage

  • Overload protection for extreme temperatures

  • Kickstand support for stability


  • No Celsius display

  • Requires time to build heat

  • No cooling feature

2. Master Appliance Hg-751b Professional Heavy Duty Heat Gun:

For engineers that want to switch to better quality gear, then you are at the right stop. The Master Appliance heat gun is specially designed for bigger projects such as industrial works. It is ideal for projects that require longer use of a heat gun and can serve for minute home use once in a while.


This heat gun is made of industrial quality materials. It has a powerful high-speed universal motor covered by die-cast aluminum housing.

It has a rubber base back in case you intend using it hands-free. The Master Appliance heat gun is ideal for activating adhesives, thawing frozen pipes, bending plastics, removing dents in fiberglass, stretching vinyl, etc.

It comes with an easily replaceable reinforced ceramic heating elements insulated with mica, and motor brushed for easy maintenance by the user.

It is a very powerful heat gun with a max temperature of 1000-degree Fahrenheit at a power rating of 1700 W.


  • Industrial quality heat gun

  • Ideal for numerous heavy duty purposes

  • Easy to maintain and use

  • High-temperature ranges

  • Sunlight and oil resistant rubber jacket wire

  • Easily replaceable parts


  • Heavy to handle

  • Expensive

  • Can cause hand and shoulder pains after prolonged use

3. Steinel Hl 1810 S General-Purpose Heat Gun:

For someone on the simpler end on DIY at home projects or even pain removal, this is a heat gun at your speed. It has a nice balanced price that is affordable by both enthusiasts and professionals. It is ideal for a small project, and would not function well for intensive and rigorous jobs.


The Steinel heat gun is a multipurpose heat gun that comes with two temperature settings. It is good for hand-held work and bench works.

This heat gun has a long lifespan, as it produces even heat with an efficient DuraTherm heating element.

It is sleek and balanced in design to make sure the user is comfortable, even during long-term use. It is used for shrink wrapping, activating adhesives, window tinting, softening compounds, bending plastics, etc.

It also allows the use of other accessories for a variety of applications.


  • Multipurpose heat gun

  • Convenient for hand-held and bench work

  • DuraTherm heating element for even heat production

  • Used for a lot of smaller industrial works

  • Comfortable for long-term use

  • Works with numerous accessories for varieties of application


  • Temperature might be too low for some works

How to Choose the Best Heat Gun

Heating Capacity: This is what makes all heat guns different from each other. Heat guns with a smaller heat capacity tend to damage faster than those with higher heat capacity. In a lot of cases, replacement of the cheap motor winding so of smaller heat guns can cost you more than the price of the heat gun over time. It would be better to save up and buy a heat gun that would last you longer.

Safety: Heat guns are great tools, but can be very dangerous. One sudden mistake and you would have your skin burned. You would want to be safe with a heat gun, but it is preferable you purchase the ones with a safety feature. There are some that have cooling functions; you should check out for them.

Hands-Free Stand: Using a flat back, kickstand or standby receptacle would help you ease the stress in using a heat gun. It also helps in keeping the surface of the heat gun from surfaces that can cause fires. This feature helps to make work easier and safer.

Ergonomics: There are more bulky works that require a better heat gun, and using a handheld heat would cause fatigue. You would have to rest your hands and arms at intervals, and this would slow the work rate down. Get a heat gun designed for long-term use, and this would save you a lot of stress.

Accessories: Purchasing a heat gun in a kit is better than purchasing it singly. Kits come with more accessories that would be useful for you in a lot of occasions. However, you can buy a heat gun singly if that is what you can afford. Just bear in mind that getting accessories that would fit your heat gun would be hard if you find any.

Wrap Up

There are several types of heat guns, but the best for you is based on your discretion. If you need something to use at home, you should consider the DeWalt D26960. If you are a professional looking to upgrade tools, you should consider the Master Appliance HG-751B.

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