The Best Detail Sander: A Detailed Buying Guide 2018

Detail sanders have become essential tools to have not only in garages but also in homes as well as in the garden. Though it is mainly a wood working tool, some sanders can also be used on metallic as well as on plastic surfaces. It is always used as a finishing tool, that’s essential when it comes to smoothing the surfaces of the above mentioned materials thus giving it the required and desired detailing. Knowing the uses of detail sanders is one thing. The problem is in choosing the right thing for your woodworking arsenal. Below is a detailed guide that will help you choose the best detail sander for your workshop.

The 5 Best Detail Sanders

1. Dewalt DCS355D1 20V Detail Multi-Tool

This oscillating multi-tool kit is inarguably the best when it comes to detail sander applications. This is due to the incredibly usefulness of the tool not only when it comes to its other applications but also as far as detailing is concerned. It has a wide functions base that ranges from cutting and sawing all the way to sanding. The Dewalt product features a brushless motor that delivers up to about 57% more of runtime as compared with the brushed motors. A unique selling point is its oscillating tool guide system that has been designed to allow the setting of the height and depth for an array of cuts. In a nutshell, the product features all that one may be looking for in a detail sander as far as functions and number of accessories are concerned. It has received more recommendations than any other hence its qualification as the in the market.


  • Features a universal accessory adaptor makes it possible for an array f oscillating tool accessory brands to be used with the multi-tool
  • Its quick-change accessory feature makes it easy for blades as well as other attachments to quickly be changed without the need of using wrenches.
  • A run time of up to 57% more than that of the brushed motors is delivered by the DEWALT brushless motor used on this tool.
  • Comes with a total of 28 pieces for versatility and a storage box has been included in the package to make it easier to keep your accessories, reducing the risks of losing them
  • A dual-grip variable-speed trigger designed for use in controlling the oscillating tool’s speed as well as offering you with multiple gripping options for different applications.


  • It’s extremely loud thus not a good option for home projects.
  • If only used for detail sanding, it would be a very expensive option to go for

2. Dremel MM 40-05 Detail Multi-Max Tool

It is yet another great tool that is considered with very high regards on the market. The tool is a high performance industry leader that comes to you with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. It offers variable speeds and has a Quick-lock feature necessary for tool-less change. If you are looking for a great quality detail sander that is among the most versatile, coming with sanding, grout removal, grinding and cutting features, then this Dremel MM40-05 is sure not to disappoint. This is courtesy of it offering the highest power in its class, with attributes such as higher ampere thus more power, fast accessory change and the overall kit value.


  • High performance tool, courtesy of the 3.8 ampere motor thus offering great performance for most of the demanding detailing applications.
  • The much sought after Quick-Lock application for tool-less performance as well as to secure accessory changes. A complementary Quick-hold-magnetic flange feature holds your accessories right in place making it easier to change the accessories.
  • Very easy to use, thanks to the Up-front on/off switch that enhances one-handed use as well as for easy maintenance of speed setting
  • Quick-boost feature for the maintenance of a constant speed all through the toughest materials and applications.


  • Relatively high price especially if it was to used for detail sanding only.
  • No dust collection hence work space can become a little bit too dirty.

3. Rockwell RK5121 3.0 Amp Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-Tool

This is one of the most formidable detail sanders to have newly entered the market with a loud bang! The tool features a 3.2-degrees of oscillation that makes cutting really fast. It also comes with a 3.0 ampere motor that offers significantly high power; with its Universal Fit System as well as the Hyper lock operation makes it easy for accessories to be changed. For precision control, the tool offers variable speed performances. The universal tool seamlessly works with numerous oscillating accessories as well as with other oscillating tools. Other than its incredible performance benefits, the product’s other main selling point is the fact that you can easily acquire it and still use the accessories you already own from another brand.


  • Versatility is one of it attributes worth mentioning. The tool comes with 25 different accessories designed to enable the user the ability to take an array of jobs ranging from cutting through sanding all the way to scraping.
  • The tool-free hyper lock blade changing feature offers 1-ton of clamping force that securely holds your accessories. The system employs the use of an easy release lever that spins to loosen the flange of the accessories.
  • The use of a universal accessory interface allows one to use a multitude of accessories form an array of manufacturers thus almost guaranteeing you that all the accessories at your disposal will fit on the tool.
  • An incredible performance with 21 pounds of force for making cuts yet it remains very lightweight thus maximizing the user’s comfort and control


  • No dust collection.

4. BLACK+DECKER KA161BC Mouse Detail Sander

The product comes with a detailed base that has been engineered to give the best sanding results on intricate areas. The base is tear drop shaped to enable the user access to some of the tightest corners as well as tight spaces. In the design are also some removable tips that allows for the addition of other profile tips for greater versatility in addition to allowing reach to other small areas. Its quick fit sanding paper necessitates for easier paper fitment as well as for faster sanding action. No clips are needed for securing the sheet, thanks to the Quick fit sanding paper that features a Velcro system.


  • The tool comes with about 16 accessories thus making it very versatile and interesting to use.
  • Features a unique base design that has been engineered to give the best results when intricate spaces and areas are sanded.
  • A rotatable bas that allows for the rotation of the paper as it wears thus ensuring that you get the maximum possible value of your sand paper.
  • Sanding action is faster and paper fitment easier thanks to the Quick fit sanding paper property featuring a Velcro system.
  • Versatility is enhanced by the removable tips that allow for the addition of numerous other profile tips.


  • Limited use to only detail sanding as compared to the multi-tool products

5. VonHaus 180W 90mm Triangle Detail Sander

The VonHaus Triangle Detail Sander is a high performance tool that has also been designed for use for intricate sanding. It is so versatile that it’s commonly used on not only wood but also plastic and metals. The product is accompanied by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, 5 sanding sheets, a 90x90x90mm pad size, a 1.6m cable length, an 180W power input and a 10,000rpm No load speed among other features and specifications. You can use it on landings, furniture, steps as well as on window frames and door frames among other intricate areas.


  • Lightweight and compact designed for perfect performance on intricate areas and angles as well as the hard to reach areas.
  • Very versatile for use on wood, metals and plastics lending a helping hand when you work on a variety of tasks in the garden, at home as well as in the garage.
  • Ergonomically designed thus enhancing comfort even with such a powerful inbuilt 180W motor. This combination makes sanding tasks much easier than ever.
  • Dust collection facility making work areas cleaner.


  • Not as lightweight for some

Buying Guide: Points to ponder

The reviews above will help you to just select the right product. But what are the factors of consideration when choosing a detail sander?

a. Price

The price tag and range of a product is always almost directly corresponding with the quality of that product. Detail sanders are priced in between $15 and $250, though not all the cheaper options offer reduced quality, the probability of satisfaction upon random selection from the higher end products is higher than from the lower end tools.

The guiding principle as far as price is concerned depends upon the frequency of use as well as the number of DIY projects to be worked upon. If you are a DIY person with more projects to be working on, you will most likely be disappointed by the cheaper tools. In like manner, there is no point of buying an expensive tool if your projects are few.

To strike a balance, consider going for the averagely priced products. Unless you are considering using your product a lot, do not tie your money up and the contra wise is also true. As a result, an average price strikes a good balance for those who aren’t sure of how fast they plan to take their DIY hobby.

b. Type

The product type is the next in sequence when you are looking for the best sander for your projects. It is worth mentioning that the type of product you go for will highly be determined by the project at hand. Finishing tasks with lots of tight corners and rough edges on the surfaces to be worked on may need smaller finish sanders. On the other hand, a more ample project calls for the use of a palm sander that’s designed with a grip. This ensures that your hand will not tire quickly. The random orbital sander on the other hand is a sander type that offers excellent performance when it comes to removing of layers and polishing easy and fast. Unfortunately, this type is slower than the other types. But if you want to realize a more polished work, then go for it.

c. Power

Higher power always implies better performance. In addition to the wattage, I would rather you consider the multi-purpose tools rather than the stand-alone detail sander tools. This is because the multi-purpose tools have been designed with more power as they are meant to perform more power demanding tasks. Such tasks that require more powerful motors include cutting, metal polishing and metal finishing among others.

Whereas multi-purpose tools may have the speed required to efficiently accomplish a task, some of these tools at times tend to have limitations on handling one out of the tasks it can handle. Always ensure that the inferior specific task isn’t sanding if at all a detail sander is what you are shopping for.

d. Experience

The best sander of a guru in the field will in most cases not be the best for amateurs. Whereas an expert will most likely be shopping for power, it is prudent that a beginner seeks for control. Start by such a product that hasn’t much control and climb up the ladder as you master the use of detailed ones. In this respect, mouse sanders tend to perform much better than any other. However, most of the projects are so ample thus needing some cutting and scraping in addition to sanding. A balance between control, weight, versatility and power thus needs to be highly factored in when making a choice.

e. Usage

As mentioned earlier, the very driving factor that directs you to buy a detail sander is the project at hand. As a result, before you even make the step of starting to look for a detail sander, you need to assess the job and project you will be working on. Will you mainly be working on metallic, wooden or plastic surfaces? Will you also mainly be working on generous spaces or intricate projects? Such will help you determine the nature of the detail sander you should go for.

Another factor as far as usage is concerned is the surface you will be working on. Some detail sanders work best on soft surfaces with hard surfaces requiring some special tools for the tasks. If your work will mainly been on uneven and rough surfaces, then your best choice of a product will be a random orbital sander. Choose such a detail sander for metal finishing and metal polishing.

f. Versatility

There are different detail sanders on the market. Similarly, you will most likely be having different types of projects to handle. Some sander models are more versatile as compared with others. This allows it to host an array of sandpaper shapes and sizes for different tasks. It is always worth considering going for such rather than the less versatile products.

Choosing a multi-tool is also more prudent than going for just a tool that is used for detail sanding. One tool that can do sanding, cutting and polishing is inarguably more economic to buy than a tool that can only do detail sanding

g. Portability

One of the factors that determine portability is in regard to whether the detail sander is corded or it’s cordless. Cordless detail sanders will surely fit the portability bill with perfection. The only drawback for such cordless tools is the fact that their power can’t match the sheer power and efficiency that is characterized with the corded sanders. If you have the means of moving your sander from one place to the other, then consider the corded units.

Another extremely important aspect that determines the portability of your unit is its weight. The weight of these tools play a considerable role on the way the device can be used. It is common knowledge that the heavier your tool is, the more cumbersome hence tiresome it will be to work with for extended periods of time. The good side of a heavy sander is in the fact that less force will be required to get the job done more effectively, efficiently and fast as compared with the lighter ones. In other words, there shall be need for one to find a balance between the most appropriate weight and usage. Once again, understand all your future use requirements for the power tool.

h. Ergonomics

It is very reasonable that your detail sander feel good and comfortable in your hand during use. Discomforts will interfere with your efficiency as well as the number of hours you can work on your projects. If you will be using your detail sander for just a few couple of minutes, don’t bother much about the ergonomics. However, if you want to continually use your tool for extended number of hours every day, ergonomics isn’t an option but a must. Features such as comfortable handles as well as the appropriate shape that well fits in the hand should be used. It is the comfort that is accompanied with your working tools and environments that will psyche you up to scale higher heights as far as detail sanding is concerned.

i. Ease of Use

Detail sander use is one of the DIY practices that really require speediness. When deciding on which is best, choose one that is easy to use, coming with features such as fast pad changing among others. The fact that a detail sander can be used in intricate areas is also yet another easy to use feature. If your product isn’t easy to use, your efficacy and accuracy may highly be compromised. You really want to handle your projects in the shortest time possible hence the need for the easy to use feature to be factored in as a selection guide.


As has been discussed, there is a sander for every use and for everyone. The Dewalt DCS355D1 20V Detail Multi-Tool is the best detail sander on the market. It is characterized with super versatility and offers adequate performance. With average pricing, this is a beast as far as sanding is concerned. However, the jury always has a role in making the decision of what to go for. You are the jury! Choose one of the above reviewed products, as you follow this guide for selection, and you will hardly go wrong with your choice. All in all, there is not a single sander that can be described as the best for all the tasks. Each product is unique in its on respect as far as the user and the area of use are concerned.

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