The Best Automatic Wire Stripping Tool 2018

Wire recycling and wire stripping are million dollar industries, feeding thousands of dependants across the globe. If one is planning to venture into the industry, the very best investment they can boost the business with is the investment on the best automatic wire stripping tool. There is a tool that can be used by the DIY enthusiasts as well as the commercial enterprises involved in wire stripping and recycling businesses. Choose wire stripping by using the best automatic wire stripping tool and you will save much of you money, time and energy, or even make extra money.

Top 5 Picks

1.  Blusmart Self-Adjusting Automatic Wire Stripping Tool

​Blusmart Wire Stripper is the best automatic wire stripping tool on the market and will probably be the best you have ever come across. Regardless of whether you have thick or thin wire, there is never need for worry. The machine comfortable and easily strips off any wire with lots of convenience. Capable of handling 0.2 to 6.0 mm² (10-24 AWG) wire diameters; the tool truly comes handy when you want to be helped with your wiring needs. The quality of the tool is absolutely impressive and its portability excellent. In other words, there is absolutely no other stripping tool that will impress you more than this Blusmart product.


  • Industrial grade quality: It’s a high-quality tool, designed to do its work without the fear of bending, malfunctioning or breaking
  • Easy to Use: One needs not to be a professional in order to be able to use this model as it is super easy to use. This makes it a convenient entry level stripping tool. By simple adjustment to suit the different wire types and sizes, you will be able to remove the insulator without interfering with the wire.
  • Versatility: It’s capable of stripping a wide range of wire sizes and types. This is done fast and easy while keeping the wire intact.
  • Portability: It weighs just 10oz thus making it a perfect wire stripping tool for use in your workshop or at home for your wire stripping jobs
  • Efficiency: It strips the insulator off the wire, leaving the wire intact regardless of the wire diameters within its scope. The blade edge is also super easy to sharpen when its too dull.


  • Cant strip wires thicker than 6 mm².

2. BEAMNOVA Motorized Powered Electric Copper Wire Stripper

The stripping tool has been designed with adjustable cutting blades meant to effectively be used for stripping wires of size range between 3 and 25 mm. a heavy-duty construction designed to strip at a speed of 50-feet per second and comes with numerous features including a backup hand crank, a free reducer vent knob and a free feed panel. Its single-phase induction motor works perfectly in stripping wares of gauge 12-1. The tool’s ease of use makes it suitable for the professionals as well as for the newbie.


  • Efficiency: Has the capacity of stripping wires at a speed of approximately 50 feet per minute. This saves much of your time as you handle you home or industrial tasks
  • Versatility: Suitable use for the removal of rubber and plastic insulation from scrap wire as well as from other wire projects
  • Design: Features three different sized feed holes and is characterized with heavy-duty construction for maximum performance and durability.
  • Reliable: Features a detailed manual that guides users on how to use the tool when they are stuck. Also comes with a backup hand crank just in case it may be needed. Generally easy to use.


  • Would have been great if its lower wire stripping limit of 3 mm had been opened a bit wider.

3. Huluwa, Self-Adjusting, Multifunctional Automatic Wire Stripper

The Self Adjusting Stripper has the capacity to strip wires from 22 to 10 AWG (1.5 to 6.00mm). Its features include a compact and ergonomic design, a stylish red theme, easy to mount and use feature and portability etc. It also features durable material and construction, with insulation that guarantees a long lasting performance.


  • Durability: Heavy-duty blades and its long lasting components are among its durability engineered features. 
  • Self adjusting: This makes it easy to use as you will need no pre-adjusting experience
  • Efficiency: It works fast, automatically handling the entire stripping process.
  • Versatility: Capable of handling between 22-10 AWG(1.5-6.00mm) wires


  • Would have been great if its higher limit of 6.00mm had been a bit wider.

4. E-More Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper, 8-Inch Automatic Electric Cable Wire Stripping Cutter and Crimping Pliers Tool

The wire stripper is yet another time-saving and one of the best stripping machines, having been upgraded to powerful home-grade performance. Its price tag may be lower than the premium grade tools but its performance either matches or surpasses the performances of a good number of those high-end products. With industrial-grade engineered materials in its design, the tool is meant to last long thereby giving you value for your money. To complement on that, a powerful automated system makes stripping tasks quick and efficient. Regardless of whether your project incorporates working on scrap wires or you are an electrician in need of a tool to handle your electrical projects, this is the tool that will do the job for you.


  • Multifunction-Strips and crimps and can be used to cut off cable, thermal, aluminum, coaxial and copper etc
  • Convenience: It’s an industrial grade stripper, coming with an extra blade that ensures absolute convenience. 
  • Construction: Features heavy duty, high-quality industrial grade material, not capable of easily rusting or breaking thus maximum durability
  • Value: Easy to use needing no professionalism to be operated. It has a superior value when compared with other products on the market thanks to the price to performance ratio.


  • It may take you an effort to line up your wire project for stripping.

5. MulWark Multi-Purpose Self-Adjusting Electrical Wire Stripping Tool

By now, the notion that all the wire stripper brands work the same should have been wiped out of your mind. This professional and innovative stripper is in its own class of performance. It works far much better, having primarily been designed as a benchmark for the professional grade strippers. With this product, be ready to enjoy a wide range of benefits that include: the ability of stripping wires in the range between 24AWG and 10AWG and the impressive functionality.


  • Professional and Innovative: Its self adjusting, capable of facilitating the stripping functions ranging from 24AWG to 10AWG with failures being eliminated
  • Versatility: Works on general electrical terminals, as well as crimping 7-9mm ignition terminals among other functions
  • Efficiency: Precise adjustability function, necessitated by the spinnable copper swivel knob, enhances efficiency
  • Design: It’s the most comprehensively advanced automatic wire stripping tool there is on the market.


  • The handles may easily come off.

Factors of Consideration

Before buying a product, it’s prudent you go through the selection process. Here are some of the things to look for and to look at:

a. Design

For maximum value of the money you spend, always check the product’s design. Just to mention, there are manual wire stripping designs out there. These always come with a cheaper price tag and give users control over the entire stripping process. The manual tools require very low maintenance practices, same as requiring very minimal working space. But these aren’t solid reasons why one can consider going for such manual tools to be used in the commercial grade wire stripping activities. The automatic tools should always be a better consideration. This is because they are always very powerful thus capable of handling heavy-duty jobs. The best tools within the automatic types are capable of handling any king of stripping tasks.

b. Gauge

There are different wire gauges on the market, with low gauges being the low resistance wires that are very common in the mechanical machines. They are averagely thicker in size, thereby requiring wider jaws for effective stripping. On the other hand, high gauge wires are relatively thinner and always have super low resistance. They are the most common types of wire in the regulated mods. As you choose a wire stripper, these factors have to be at your fingertips. For those who often strip low gauge wires, their primary stripping machine ought to be one that’s capable of accommodating the corresponding thickness and vice versa. However, in most cases those in industrial wire stripping will always deal with a wide range of wire thicknesses. In such situations, consider those strippers designed with an adjustable system, thus you can effortlessly be able to strip any type of wire without any hassle.

c. Ease of Use

The process of stripping wires is a very tiring process and most of the common stripping tools will prove this phenomenon right. However, there are modern tools that have been designed to lower stress while at the same time giving you great results. Always ensure that the product you choose has got easy to use features. Let it be one that is easy to set up and one that features safety features that will almost guarantee that you won’t get injuries as you work on your project. These are automatic stripping tools that can be operated with anyone, regardless of their skill, experience or expertise. One of the best ways of knowing this is by scheming through reviews in a wide range of authentic review sites. If a convincing number of users commend it of being easy to use, maybe this is the tool you should go for.

d. Durability

There are numerous cases where people have bought expensive strippers only for the tools to break down within no time. Please don’t do the mistake done by others. As much as price is an important factor in determining the product quality, never use price alone as the determining factor of the best stripping tools. Consider the quality used in making them. Are the materials used durable? What is the primary technology employed in the design? Is it capable to durably serve you? The only way you can be able to answer these questions is through wild, wide and extensive product research. Get value for your money by buying a durable long lasting stripping tool.

e. Convenience

As a wire stripping enterprise, a stripping tool capable of handling different types and sizes of wire without any special rearrangement is what you need. You only need one appropriate wire stripping tool and you will be capable of stripping all kinds of wire in their preparation for recycling.

The Best Automatic Wire Stripping Tool 

Though all the above reviewed tools are great in their own respects, the Blusmart Self-Adjusting Automatic Wire Stripping Tool is the beast that leads the pack. The tool is very versatile as far as wire stripping is concerned, being capable of stripping insulation from wires as thin as 0.2mm diameter all the way to the relatively thick 6mm. its portability is the most excellent on the market, with the tool’s quality being superb. Featuring high-quality, industrial-grade materials, and the tool won’t easily break, malfunction or bend. Lastly, this super efficient tool is very easy to use.


Wire stripping has greatly been improved both in the commercial and the personal levels. Thanks to the invention and evolution of the wire stripping tools. These tools work efficiently and fast. Most of them feature durable tabletop designs, featuring adjustable blades, capable of stripping a wide range of wires. The time has come for you to kick out all the knives, as well as the many unorthodox tools and ways that have occasionally been used in wire stripping. The wire stripping tools discussed above are among the best on the market and you are almost certain of never going wrong with the performance of one of the above. Why wait! Move with haste and grab one of these great products being thrown at you.

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