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Amazing Tips on Woodworking Measurement Tools

Woodworking is a complex process that wouldn’t be possible without the right tools. But the most important tools you will need are the measurement ones. Such tools will help you set the right dimensions to different wood pieces and eventually, they will help you create the project you want to.

So you shouldn’t even start a complex woodworking project without the right tools in your kit. And if you are wondering what kind of measurement tools you need, here is a detailed list of them!

The Most Important Measurement Tools You Need For Your Woodworking Projects:

A Steel Rule

A steel rule is essential for your woodworking projects, but you also need to know how to use it correctly. Get a 6 inch and a 12 inch and look for a ruler with increments of 1/32. These features will give you a better and more precise measuring method.

Such a measurement tool will help you measure angles of 45 degrees and 90 degrees as well. Try to get a steel rule with the numbers etched because this will ease your measuring job a lot more.

A Folding Rule

You never know the size of the woodwork project you might get involved in. And some complex projects also require bigger dimensions that you will have to measure. Here is where a folding rule comes in handy!

You can find rules that are comfortable to use in difficult places like boxes or narrower spaces. And a common size of the folding rule is 6 inch which should be enough for you to carry it around as well since it will fit perfectly in your kit.

Machinist Square

Machinist squares might not be a common tool for everyone who is woodworking, but they are something that everyone should have.

A 4 inch or 6-inch machinist tool will help you establish crosscuts easier and without wasting so much time. These tools are also small, and you can slide it into your woodworking kit easily.

Sliding Bevel Gauge

This is the best tool to duplicate 45 degrees or 90 degrees angles, but you can use it for any size of angles in the same way. The good part is that you won’t need to know how many degrees an angle is to duplicate it. Most likely you will use this tool a lot more than you imagine!

A Marking Took

Your measurements would be just a waste of time without a marking took suck as a marking knife or pencil. You will have to make signs to remember the measurements and make precise cuts.

The knife will be able to scratch the wood just enough for you to know where the end of a certain dimension is. Also, a pencil can do the same, so you know exactly where to use your saw.

Measurement Tools for More Experienced Woodworkers:

Once you are not a beginner when it comes to working your wood, you will have to improve your toolkit to match your performances.

4 Inch Double Square

This 4 inch Double Square is a perfect tool to have in your kit. This has a blade that matches perfectly with the body of the tool so you can measure doors or thick pieces of wood. By doing so, you will ease your woodworking job a lot.

Adjustable 12 Inch Hook Rule

Similar to the regular hook rule, this tool is made to be adjustable for increased flexibility. It can be applied to work on pieces of wood that are thinner than the regular and therefore more unstable. Depending on the type of project that you have, you can use one of 4 different scales.

Ruler stop

If you use a table saw, you will learn to appreciate a ruler stop a lot more. This is great to use instead of a stop block as it can do in essence the same thing. A ruler stop will help you measure different materials and make the marks that you need at the same time.

Quick corners

A quick corner that is made of transparent material can help you mark a corner without using different alternative methods that will not be so efficient anyway. When you measure corners, it is all about precision.

You can use a quick corner to measure any corner and finish your woodworking project with less hassle. And this type of corner measurements will have to be done quite often during most projects involving wood. Which is why a quick corner can save you some extra works when it is not needed the sacrifice. Not to mention that the results will be very accurate.

Universal Angle Guide

Woodworkers know that a correct angle is very important in any wood project. And without certain tools, it would be a lot more difficult to work with angles. By using a universal angle guide, you can easily mark any angle. This tool is made to measure angles that can be as wide as 180 degrees, with increased precision and accuracy.

9 Inch Protractor Square

The 9-inch protractor square is great to transfer certain angles from one surface to another. This task is often needed during a woodwork project, and there is no easiest way to complete it. Simply use a 9-inch protractor and measure your angles before creating the same angles into new material.

Finishing Touch

By using these tools, your woodworking projects will become a lot easier and more pleasant to implement. The chances are that you will be able to work better and faster since you will not waste time with each task. You can details found here

Basically, the right tools in woodworking do the job for you, and all you have left to do is enjoy your new hobby! Over time, you might need more tools to add to your kit as your projects will get to be more complex.

But if you have these tools in your woodworking kit, you will be able to do a great job at any project!

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