5 Easy Steps To Cleaning A Shop Vac Filter

Shop Vacs are necessary tools for any workspace. They make cleaning jobs a snap, clear the floors of tiny chunks of debris, and are capable for sucking up wet items as well as dry. A normal vacuum cleaner would damage or break trying to handle the job, and they are useless when it come to anything wet. This is why a shop vac is called a shop vac, because it is designed for the maintenance of functional workshops.

Some shop vac can be directly attached to a circular saw. The circular saw can be versatile in that it can function as a table saw or portable saw. In any case the saw produces a lot of dust and debris which is why adapters are available. Attaching a shop vac using an adapter allows dust and debris to be sucked up immediately, a delightful circular show to watch.

Shop Vacs can collect both wet and dry items, and are especially helpful in workshops, hence the name 'Shop' Vac. These heavy duty vacuums collect wood shaving, sawdust, and lawn mulch but they are still at heart vacuum cleaners. This means that shop vacs have filters that need to be cleaned regularly to assure performance. Here are the steps necessary to clean shop vac filters . This task needs to be repeated at least every few months to keep a shop vac functional.

Step 1

The first thing to do is remove the filter. This is an easy task to perform. Just remember before you do it to take the shop vac outside. Removal of the filter inside will just mess up your workshop again with the dust and residue in the filter.

Each brand of shop vac has its own removal process, so just consult the directions for your particular model. If the shop vac in question is attached to a circular saw, you will have to disengage it from the adapter first. Once the filter is removed, tap it on the ground to shake off any loose dirt. It is recommended that you wear a mask during this process.

Step 2

Grab a garden hose and rinse the filter off. Be sure to continue rinsing until all the dirt has been completely washed out.

Step 3

Take a small tooth brush and scrub out the remaining dirt. Any dirt that did not dislodge during tapping or rinsing is probably wedged in. A toothbrush allows access.

Step 4

Rinse the filter again

Step 5

Let the filter dry. It has to dry thoroughly so make sure you wait a few hours. Using the filter well wet allows dirt to gather faster, and undoes everything you've just done. So it is crucial to make sure the filter is dry before reinserting. Once it is dry thought simply follow the steps to reinsert and begin using once again. The vac may release a suspicious smell after cleaning but this is normal, and will eventually go away.

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