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10 Woodworking Projects For Kids: Quick & Easy Wood Crafts

Did you know that study without practical makes your little ones dull. As much as bookwork is good, it may end up being hazardous if the bookwork isn’t combined with practical. One of the ways of preparing your little ones for future independence is by teaching the woodwork. There are many easy and quick wood crafting projects you can go through with them, with Victorcrafter offering some basic and advanced guiding principles. Slowly but steadily, you will be amazed by the capabilities of your little ones. Below is a series of some entertaining and interesting woodwork projects for the kids about 7 years of age, with some being capable to be handled by your 4 year olds.

Before going into the real projects, it is important to make proper preparations. One of the things that will make or break the kids’ projects is the tools you will avail for use. Before discussing on how to get started with woodworking, there are tool buying tips to put into consideration.

  • Buy Basic Tools: You may need to avoid the tool boxes as most of them are equipped with gimmicks that you won’t need in the first place. It would thus be prudent that you ensure you only buy the tools needed.
  • Avoid Cheap Tools: This doesn’t mean that you should buy the top of the line tools. Just ensure that your tools are not too cheap to the extent that you end up replacing them every now and then. It may be a wise idea to go for craps found at your local hardware as most of these may end up being durable but very affordable. This will be more prudent than going for the “kids’ tools”, which you must always shun as a plague.
  • Nails: You should acquire an assortment of nails, especially those with big heads together with brads and smaller finish nails that you will use in teaching the kids to comfortably and consistently drive box nails.
  • Drill & Driver: These are in most cases necessary, especially when it comes to speeding up the large projects. Pilot holes can be drilled to enable comfortable and quick sinking of screws. In addition, you will thrill your kids by introducing them to the use of power tools. And where there are drills it is necessary, though not a must to have clamps.

A Sample Series of Woodworking Projects for Kids

1. Building Bird Feeders

Bird feeders can be built by the use of real tools thus advancing the woodworking skills of the little ones. The kids can earn real experience as they enjoy this great activity. Some of the unique designs the kids can borrow are found here.

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2. DIY Wooden Texture Stamps

These are just different products capable of producing different imprints when stamped on a surface. As a result, you will need an array of materials in order to be able to make different arts on the different pieces. For the stamping surface, you will need a nut, nails of different sizes and a screw etc. Other tools needed include a chisel, a sand paper, a hammer and a saw, with a thing branch being primarily the only required material.

Cut a thick branch, using a saw, into 12 cm sections and smooth the edges, top and bottom of each section using a sand paper. Use a hammer to punch your small nuts on the top surface, side by side until the entire surface has numerous nut patterns. Grab another tool such as a screw driver or nail and repeat the same process with a different branch section. When through, smooth with sand paper. It’s time to paint and start playing.

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3. A Homemade Pinball Machine

Real tools together with materials in conjunction with some marbles are perfect things needed to enable children advance their woodworking skills as they work to construct a pinball machine. The project offers the kids with a great combination of hands-on work and tinkering. Playing pinball is fun and if you can come to the aid of your little ones-showing them how to make such a desirable machine, their fun life won’t just end at the end of the project construction. In fact, upon nailing the last nail, real fun of playing the pinball begins. If your kids have wanted to play the pinball, this is your opportunity to teach them how to make a DIY pinball machine.

4. Wood Constructions Using Hot Glue

The most important tool needed here is the hot glue gun. Equipped with the gun and the glue, you can now collect scrap pieces of wood from the carpenters shop across the street. This project allows the kids to make random objects of random wood sized pieces. You can come up with windmills, houses and more commonly robots within a very short span of time. The gun can be used by kids up to as young as about 4 years or even below. And since these guns can get really hot, get a low heat gun if possible for the children to learn tips from before you can upgrade to the high heat tools.

5. DIY Birdhouse

This is an advanced woodworking project for kids. After they know the basics of doing some simple projects, they can graduate to building birdhouses. It is one project that may really need adult help. You will need a piece of 6 square inch piece of pine, two 212 eye hooks, a perforated PVC pipe, about 4 inches and 5 inches in diameter and length respectively, some small nails, a fir plywood, small chain or wire for hanging and an 8 inch long dowel. Some of the best PVC Cutting tools can be used to cut the pipe with other woodworking tools being employed on the other materials. A DIY Birdhouse can be a superb handmade gift you can teach you young boys how to make. They don’t just learn how to make the product but it is also a way to start nurturing a nature loving spirit.

6. Build a Ladder

This is yet another fun idea that the little ones can engage in to start building their artisan skills. A simple ladder improves their hammering skills, measurement skill and accuracy skills among others. All you need are some pieces of scrap wood, a hammer, a saw and nails. Two children can work together, arranging the steps with one holding one end of the steps as the other pounds the nails. A hacksaw can be used as it is easier for kids to handle when compared with other saws. If the kids are very young, you can do the sawing for them as they observe.

7. Ruler Basket Folder Holder

To make a ruler basket folder holder, you will need six 30cm long rulers, one 1x4 wood, 30cm long and two 1x4 timber, 15cm long. The rulers are a perfect choice of material because of their easy availability as well as the fact that they produce a perfect classroom theme. Wood glue, nails, a drill and a hammer are also needed. Due to the weak nature of the timber used in the production of the rulers, direct nailing may not work so well thus the need for drilling. The two 15cm wooden pieces are first attached to the 30cm piece by the use of glue followed by nails. The rulers are then spaced out, three on each side and nail them as shown above.

8. Easy Wood Sculptures

For this project, you will need sharpie markers, wood pieces, mat board/sturdy cardboard/flat wood piece for base, wood glue and paint. Wood pieces of desired lengths and proportions are taken and glued as desired. The glue is then let to dry, after which the kids can paint the sculpture as desired. Upon drying of the paint, sharpies can be used to add desirable details such as stripes, dots, abstract designs and faces, among anything that once fancies. There is a wide range of directions where the kids can be able to take the sculpture idea to.

9. An Awesome Candy Dispenser

The little one won’t just enjoy executing this project but will also have to enjoy how their favorite snack would be dispensed. It is a project that teaches the little ones how to use small nails, wood glue, the drill, a scroll saw, a tape measure, a square, a hammer, a needle nose pliers and a punch etc. In other words, they will use almost all the carpenters’ tools. Cutting, drilling, gluing and putting everything together will boost the knowledge and experience of the little one a great deal. Click here to learn how to make a candy dispenser.

10. Simple Decorative Boats

This is probably the easiest of the projects kids can carry out. It is thus the best project for the newbie. A small hole is drilled almost at the edge of branch slices. A branch having the same diameter as that of the drilled hole is then cut and fit in the corresponding hole. Girls can then sew a woolen felt sail that is in turn attached to the branch. A nice woodworking mix can be realized from this.


These are just but a few of the projects you can run with your little ones. There are so many other projects that can be done. Just be creative, trying to do a project that makes them joyous not only during the activity but thereafter. A bird feeder will make the little ones have an attachment with birds, whereas a small pre-school bench can be used by the little one almost everywhere. They can as well make a small box, which they can use to keep their pencils among other stationery. Just think big and be simple as you help them out.

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